2 Easy ways to improve your Creative Performance

2 Easy ways to improve your Creative Performance

18 November 2022 |

Media and Advertising Industry

A campaign’s Quality Score largely determines creative performance in advertising campaigns. Quality scores are represented on a scale of 1-10 and are calculated against the criteria of landing page experience, ad relevance, and keyword relevance. The synergistic interaction between these three factors largely influences a campaign’s creative performance by increasing ad CTRs and decreasing bidding costs.

Landing page experiences

Google Ads likes to measure the relevance of landing pages to your ad. Ultimately, Google’s job is to direct searches to the most relevant advertisement that will satisfy their inquiry. To account for this, google will reward those whose landing pages are relevant to their ads with higher quality scores, meaning you won’t need to pay as much per click, compared to competitors with less relevant landing pages. This is why it’s necessary to ensure the content on your landing pages has a mixture of the keywords used within your Google ads campaigns! Other page experience factors to take into account include:

  • Page speed; slow loading pages have high bounce rates, resulting in fewer conversions
  • Mobile Optimisation; 64% of Google searchers are carried out on Mobile. Make sure your landing pages’ mobile user experience is up to scratch.
  • Clear and Visible Call To Action Messaging

Ad relevance and keyword relevance

The relevance and cooperation between keywords and ad copy majorly influence creative performance. Ad groups are designed to segment keyword themes within a campaign. Having keywords categorised by theme means more accurate and relevant ads can be served to target audiences. Increased ad relevance will ultimately lead to improved ad engagement, indicating that you’re sending the right people to the right page. 

Integrating Keywords within ad copy messaging effectively tells Google that your ads are most relevant to people searching for these specific keywords. These optimised ad relevance techniques will increase ad Quality scores, leading to cheaper CPCs and maximised campaign efficiency.

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