ADMEDIA Special: Apple and Facebook IOS Update

ADMEDIA Special: Apple and Facebook IOS Update

14 January 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Apple announced at its conference last year a planned release of privacy changes, specifically related to ad tracking within the new iOS14 update across the Apple app store.

Whilst the launch of iOS14 update did not happen overnight as the update launched in Q3 of last year, apple have advised the tracking limitations will not go into effect until early 2021, and we are yet to hear a definitive date. But we are already seeing big changes in market announced from other app based companies in preparation for the changes ahead.

Aside from the consent users must give an app itself for tracking, all apps within the apple app store will now need to ask users to physically opt into Apples own ‘App Tracking Transparency’ (ATT) framework, in addition to consent users have already provided. It is this additional consent step that is causing concern for marketers around the world.

How will the Apple changes affect me? 

  • Any app in the apple app store must ask users for permission to track them across third party apps and websites through Apples App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework in what is now being commonly called “the prompt”.  Apple has stipulated these controls will govern the sharing of data, and provide further protection for users.

  • For users who choose not to accept Apple’s ATT prompt and opt out of being tracked, there will be implications on ad tracking and reporting across a multitude of different platforms, and campaigns are likely to experience a drop in performance, at least initially.

  • There will be impacts to how businesses are able to look at attribution within their marketing, and current lookback windows will be shortened, posing challenges that we will be addressing head on.

  • Facebook and other app platforms will now need to onboard the new framework from apple that restricts, aggregates and delays event reporting in order to help soften the impact to businesses where possible. Whilst some of these solutions have already been released, we anticipate to hear responses from the other major players over the coming weeks.

Facebook currently leading the Industry response

As we are very early into 2021, not everyone has had a chance to catch up. Whilst this affects all apps and some of the biggest global players such as Google, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest, we are yet to hear official stances on their respective points of view yet.

Facebook, however, have been very vocal in their response to Apple’s approach and believe that personalisation and privacy can actually coexist without the damage that iOS14s ATT will bring.  However, that being said, Apple are taking a hard stance on privacy, and failure to collaborate will see Facebook and other major platforms blocked from the app store if they do not comply.

ADMATIC is working on solutions

ADMATIC is working extensively with our partners in order to equip us and our clients for this rollout so stay calm – we’ll be in touch!

Whilst this is a huge change for all parties involved and will undoubtedly transform the nature of mobile advertising for some time to come, we believe that it will encourage a data maturity framework for all businesses.  It will encourage more use of first party data and will empower businesses to think outside the box and strategise with a multi-media approach versus the day to day reliance on global platforms and tracking.

ADMATIC are working on rolling out a strategic response based on this announcement, as Facebook are still finalising these changes with other platforms expected in the coming weeks.  Our aim is to minimise the impact to your business and we’ll be in touch over the coming weeks to guide you through this change at length.