Ahrefs New search engine called ‘Yep’

Ahrefs New search engine called ‘Yep’

18 August 2022 |


The search engine optimisation (SEO) tool company Ahrefs is currently developing a new search engine named Yep which they have pledged will rival the likes of Google. Ahrefs have assigned a hefty $60 million worth of resources for the project, utilising their very own search index technology. 

The Yep search index is reported to refresh every 15 to 30 minutes, whilst adding 30 million web pages daily. This is unique as Yep will not disclose your search queries or data like many other search engines that use Google’s search index. 

What makes Yep different from Ahrefs?

Yep’s point of difference can be seen in their unique profit-sharing model, designed to reward content creators for their efforts, proposing a 90/10 advertising profit split with content authors, meaning 90% of ad revenue will be given to content creators. 

This model can be compared with YouTube where creators are rewarded generously within an algorithm rewarding views. Yep strives to ‘give a push towards treating talent fairly in the search industry, whilst being described by Ahrefs CEO Dmitry as a framework that encourages quality content growth by giving chaos a structure. 

The current problem with Google is they are the ‘gatekeepers’ of web content, controlling the kinds of content distributed within their platforms. Dmitry’s solution is to give back control to the publishers, in turn fostering innovation and superior quality content. 

Privacy matters?

As mentioned before, Yep has constructed their search index that operates within 1,000 servers that are currently active. Ahrefs has pledged they will not be collecting or distributing any of your data and will not be keeping tabs on your search history. Since their search index is built in-house, Yep will not be disclosing any of your search queries to third parties. The Yep search engine model will still be saving data on searches, however, according to Dmitry, these will never be in a ‘personally identifiable way’. 

If you are interested in learning more about ‘Yep’ and how you can better utilise this new search engine for your business, our team of ADMATICians is willing and eager to help.