Attitudes to DOOH

Attitudes to DOOH

15 September 2022 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

More advertisers have been opting to add digital out of the home to their media mix this year, the latest IAB report on attitudes to DOOH finds. According to the survey, 83% of agencies have leveraged programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) and a further 48% have at least regularly considered the channel. The report, conducted in July 2022, surveyed 530 advertising professionals from different corners of the Australian industry. Findings from the report indicate that the out-of-home sector is now steadily recovering as consumers begin to adapt to their pre-pandemic habits.

DOOH attitudes for now in its infancy

While the majority of advertisers have indicated high use and consideration of programmatic out of home, it is clear that the sector is still in its infancy as advertisers continue to dip their toe into investment. pDOOH is a relatively new digital channel, and advertisers have never seen this level of accessibility and flexibility across out-of-home buys in the past. With advertisers still largely in an experimental phase, only 9% of mainstream agency respondents stated that pDOOH is a significant part of an activity. Though regular consideration is on the rise, planning and investment roles will become more crucial to the continued adoption and further championing of pDOOH as a key player in a brand’s mix.

Capabilities of technology to drive growth

Technology is also driving pDOOH further. According to the report, data and targeting capabilities is the number one driver of programmatic DOOH usage in Australia. This trend has already changed since the previous year’s report, where flexible buying options were considered the number one driving force. With the increase in tech capabilities, comes a wider range of objectives available across any channel. For Australian advertisers, we are now beginning to view pDOOH as an addressable, direct response channel. While the dominant campaign objective remains upper funnel brand awareness, we are now beginning to see an incline (compared to the previous year) in willingness to plan pDOOH for campaign-specific (non-branding) activities.

Expanding DOOH networks and formats

Finally, the increased span of pDOOH planning an investment has allowed for a wider uptake in smaller roadside and transport formats. Increased confidence in ROI has seen advertisers opt for more niche venues. Health venues particularly saw the greatest increase this year. Growth in these new & emerging venues has also increased the need for out-of-home creativity, which we would all be noticing in our day to lives & LinkedIn feeds! Statics are currently still the most used format, however, there is an emerging space for more innovative animated, video and dynamic optimisations.

What is next for pDOOH? For the industry, there is always an increasing need for education, understanding and leaps in audience measurement development. For your brand? Why not test pDOOH as an element of your next campaign? Reach out to your ADMATICian for more information.