Australia updates its Digital Advertising Practices for local marketers

Australia updates its Digital Advertising Practices for local marketers

10 July 2020 |

Media and Advertising Industry

In the last few weeks,  the latest version of the Australian Digital Advertising Practices has been released from key industry governing bodies, and are specifically designed for the local Australian market.

What are the Advertising Practices?
These practices provide marketers with guidance on how to make informed decisions in relation to digital advertising & ad tech investments. Designed to be read in an hour or less, the Practices address six digital advertising chain issues, from the areas of highest concern and lowest understanding:

  1. Digital Value Chain
  2. Viewability
  3. Ad Fraud
  4. Brand Safety
  5. Data Governance
  6. Consumer Privacy

Why have these been created?
Ever found yourself in an acronym filled conversation & you don’t know what a DSP is from an SSP to DV360? You’re not alone.The digital advertising industry has evolved so quickly, it’s been hard to keep up, and many marketers are left in the dark. The Practices aim to help all marketers understand and appreciate the elements of the digital value chain with three key goals: educate, encourage responsibility and enable trust & confidence.

Why should I care?
These practices form the basis of everything as marketers and advertisers we should be questioning, understanding and educating ourselves on. The Practices outline the digital value chain in details, including but not limited to:

  • Key technology & data services – who interacts with what?
  • Understand what ad tech companies really do, and how they work together?
  • A detailed checklist of each of the 6 steps – what to consider, understand and educate ourselves on.