Australian Connected TV Market 

Australian Connected TV Market 

26 November 2020 |

Display, Video, Audio

IAB Australia released an expenditure report into the Connected TV market and an analysis of the growth of Connected TV over the last year and into 2021. Here are our key take aways from their report.

Advertising spends through CTV has been a strong success story in Australia over the last year. Video advertising continues to out perform general display advertising with a 15% growth in FY20 compared to FY19. Video advertising has also increased its share of the general display market to 53%.

Critical to its growth, publishers video expenditure attributed to Connected TV’s increase from 23% to 41% over the last 15 months.

How do marketers ensure they are buying quality inventory? 

There is a healthy supply of quality BVOD content in the Australian market and more Australians are consuming this content across Connected TV. This increase in consumption has enabled suppliers to produce packages, products and audiences into direct deals which ensures that marketers are gaining access to quality inventory without exposing themselves to the risk of open-market bidding environments. Based on a recent report from Double Verify “The 2020 Global insights report” stated that buyers working with programmatic platforms without any third party verifications are x10 more likely to become exposed to fraudulent inventory on CTV when compared to buying with publishers directly.

However, as the Australian CTV market is dominated by premium  broadcasters, there is extremely low rates of CTV fraud. It is still considered best practice for advertisers to know exactly who they are working with when it comes to CTV. Which is why at ADMATIC, we only buy directly from the source, by setting up PMPs (Private Market Place) deals so that we are always buying from a trusted source.

As CTV grows, the industry must work to protect buyers 

CTV is only predicted to rise and there is likely to be a move to see more open market buying across CTV audiences and products. Some key brand safe and fraud preventing advancements will include the IAB Tech Lab launching app-ads.txt for CTV and Open measurement SDK for tvOS.