Blis Geo-targeting

Blis Geo-targeting

21 August 2020 |

Data, Insights, Privacy

Blis is a company that uses location data as an indicator of real behaviour and intent to help brands understand, reach and engage their customers via specific geo-targeting. Blis uses their proprietary Smart Platform to scale and analyse mobile location data to understand where their customers are and where they have been. Using Blis can help brands target their audience based on location, life stage, habits to home and more.  

How does Blis geo-targeting work?

  •       Blis uses historical and real-time location-based targeting
  •       Brands can further understand their audience targeting by gaining data of lifestyle indicators, specified locations, time & weekday, and frequency and visitation
  •       Blis combines Suburbtrends and Roy Morgan to understand consumers stage of life
  •       Home Targeting refers to reaching an entire household and influencing their purchase decisions by using historical location data and leveraging Blis’ Smart Households.
  •       Maximise reach across online and offline medias

Why consider Blis?

  •       Blis uses their analytics to give brands a better understanding of their consumers through trends and insight reports
  •       Determine consumer profiles, such as interests and lifestyle, based on their location behaviours
  •       Determine competitors by monitoring brand loyalty against competitor sets  
  •       Help brands prepare for seasonal or cultural events by measuring retail/store foot traffic

Brands can work with Blis by either

  •       Using their platform to plan, buy, deliver and optimise Blis campaigns
  •       Organise a Private Marketplace (PMP) deal via the DSP of choice

Reach out to the Activations team at ADMATIC for more information.