Branded content marketing becoming a powerful tool in growing consideration

Branded content marketing becoming a powerful tool in growing consideration

23 September 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

What happened?

News Corp have released new research, finding Australian branded content marketing is gaining traction in the industry, with growing investment in the strategy. The report, ‘The Power of Brand Content’, was released at News Corp Australia’s virtual event ‘The Purchase Funnel is Dead: How Brands Killed it with Content’.


What is branded content marketing?

Content marketing is a technique that leverages content that is found to be both relevant and valuable to the target audience. In order to successfully utlise content marketing, brands must be able to clearly define their audience, and identify content that will not only engage, but often entertain those users. This strategic and contextual approach to marketing combines elements of organic advertising to ultimately drive profitable customer actions.


What was revealed?

The study highlighted the impacts that meaningful brand communication can have on the daily lives of Australians. The research revealed that brand content and engagement has integrated widely across user’s brand experiences. 43% of Autralian’s identified daily engagement with brand content.

“Consumers understand and truly value content marketing. They have given brands permission to present them with premium content directly on their own channels. They expect it to be useful, educational, inspirational and even entertaining – and, if it fulfils this criteria, brand content will flatten the path to purchase,” said News Corp Australia Managing Director, Mike Connaghan.

Branded content increases in relevancy and impact when directed at Gen Z. 90% of 18 to 24 year-olds engage with brand content on a weekly basis.


What’s next for content marketing?

Content marketing doesn’t just illicit engagement, but also consideration and intent to convert. One in five Australians argue brand content adds value to their daily life, and 70 percent are proud to support brands that align with their values. 84% of users who are reached by brand content will take an action, and 34% will purchase a product.

“Make no mistake, the rise of content marketing represents the kind of opportunity for brands to turn their customers into fans. As the research tells us, consumers are now marketing savvy and they see the two way exchange of utility content as a win-win. ‘Advertising is the sell, content is the tell.’”

In the context of COVID-19 and a cookie-less future, brand content represents a huge opportunity for brands to excel in strengthening brand loyalty, affinity and sales. Only 34 percent of Australians feel brands are truly meeting their content needs. Become the brand that users will form an emotional connection with, and in turn, consistently support.


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