Breaking Down Barriers: DOOH’s new Verification Solution

Breaking Down Barriers: DOOH’s new Verification Solution

07 July 2022 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

Often barrier to entry for programmatic DOOH buyers is verification and having confidence that their investment is being delivered as planned. But, most recently, AdTech players Veridooh  have brought a verifiability solution  to the pDOOH market in partnership with key programmatic DOOH player Vistar

Verification & the ability to track campaign performance has traditionally been only a luxury that digital advertising methods have been afforded, with campaign tracking and verification being the centrepiece for all digital media buys. But as the adoption of programmatic DOOH has been accelerated over the last two years, so has the need for tracking methods and innovation in this space, which is where Veridooh have provided their solution.

Now available to buyers leveraging the Vistar DOOH demand side platform (DSP), advertisers will now have access to third-party campaign verification & tracking through Veridooh’s platform. When partnered with Veridooh, advertisers now have access to bespoke OOH metrics such as impressions, ad length, panel play count and exposure time. This tracking will give buyers true transparency and proof of play, which hasn’t been previously available to pDOOH advertisers.

How does it work?

In a similar vein to how third-party ad serving & tracking works for digital campaigns, Veridooh leverages a tracking technology called Smartcreative. Once the tracking is applied at the creative level, the Smartcreative tracker will independently collect and measure data and provide this back to Veridooh. Once tracking, real time impression data and the aforementioned OOH specific metrics will be available to advertisers to then make key optimisations off the back of.

If you have considered using DOOH in your media and campaign strategy and haven’t been sure of the viability and security of its performance, reach out to an ADMATICian to learn more about the opportunities for your upcoming campaigns.