Can Google Crawl My Site? Google Search Console Can Help

Can Google Crawl My Site? Google Search Console Can Help

05 October 2020 |


Google crawls and indexes billions of web pages every day and with Google search console website users can easily make their site crawlable. With so much competition for the search engine’s attention, you may find yourself asking, “can Google actually crawl my site?” and “how can I get Google to crawl my site successfully?”. Once new content is published on a website, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 6 months for Google to independently crawl the content and provide the page with indexation. 

So, how do you ensure that your website pages are being picked up by Google and indexed in the shortest possible time frame?

This is where Google Search Console comes in. It is a free product provided by Google, which allows website owners to communicate important information to the search engines. Once set up, owners are able to submit new pages for crawling, see which website pages have already been crawled, and receive valuable information on any technical errors that may be preventing indexation.

Google Search Console can be set up and verified in the same day, with instant verification possible when using an account linked to the site’s Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager accounts. Once verified, users can submit new site pages, blog posts, and promotional content through the dashboard for immediate crawling by Google.

For automatic crawling of new content, an XML sitemap can be submitted through Google Search Console, giving the search engines full access to all website content and any updates made over time. For websites using animated menus and other transitional design elements, this step is particularly important, with JavaScript and Flash having the potential to otherwise block key content from being crawled.

Once fully indexed, Google Search Console can also provide a variety of reports on organic search performance. It’s possible to see not only which keywords are currently driving organic traffic to your site and how that traffic is performing, but also to identify gaps in existing rankings which can be supplemented with paid search activity.

Want to get started with Google Search Console but not sure how? Get in touch with an ADMATICian today to find out more.