Chickstory – A podcast from someone in the ADMATIC family

Chickstory – A podcast from someone in the ADMATIC family

07 October 2021 |

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ADMATIC recently discovered that one of our clients host’s their very own Podcast, Chickstory. Seeing as we love all things podcasts (media buying, planning and listening!)  it was a no brainer that we had to check it out!

Chickstory is a history based podcast, highlighting Women in history and their incredible stories. Chickstory is hosted by two friends, Yvie Jones and Annie Potatoes and the women radiate pure fun and joy, you can really get a sense that they love to learn about women in history. They are also skilled at tying their conversations to current events (think references to memes about the Melbourne Earthquake and commentary on the Covid protests). 

Chickstory is in its third season, so we haven’t quite made it through all the episodes yet… But so far there are few we’d recommend you have a listen to if you want to walk away with greater appreciation of the Chick’s in history who have accomplished some incredible things. 


Season 3 – Episode 1: Ada Lovelace 

The Chickstory ladies introduce us to Ada Lovelace, the woman we have to thank pretty much giving us the opportunity to start our careers in digital! Ada Lovelace was the first woman to create a computer algorithm. 

Ada believed intuition and imagination were critical to effectively understanding and applying mathematical and scientific concepts. Ada meets Charles Babbage who shows her a prototype for a machine that he has created called the “Difference engine” which is later known as the first calculator. In 1842, she described in detail an algorithm for the analytical engine created by Charles Babbage, which could be used to solve numbers in multiple complexities. As a result of this analysis, she is regarded as the first computer programmer. The story of Ada Lovelace is quite remarkable and it highlights how creative and analytical thinking go hand in hand at solving problems!


Season 3 – Episode 8: Chicks in Law Enforcement

The Chickstory ladies introduce us to the history of women in Australian law enforcement, noting that the first female police officers. In 1915 Maude and Lillian were the first women in Australia to join the force, however women weren’t recognised as permanent employees until 1946. In 1974 Women detectives were granted  permission to carry firearms and police women were not allowed to carry guns until 1979. 

It was such an interesting listen to hear about how recently women were recognised as official members of the police force!


If you would like to check out more from Chickstory, head over to their Spotify page.