Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads

13 October 2022 |


The first step of success in search engine marketing is a comprehensive set of keywords. And while the keyword may be king, there are other ways you can reach the right audience in paid search. In this article, we’ll explain how you can level up your paid search campaigns with Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs).

What are dynamic search ads?

Simply put, DSAs are search ads that are targeted by the content of your website. Where traditional search ads are targeted based on keywords, DSAs are targeted by Google crawling your site and serving ads on search terms that are related to its content.

Once the ad is matched to a relevant search query, the platform dynamically generates headlines based on your sites’ content that align with the user’s search term. It will also select a relevant landing page (from your whole site, or from a designated list of pages) to direct the user to based on their query.

When to use DSAs?

DSAs work best when used in conjunction with keyword-targeted ads. Running DSAs alongside regular ads ensures you’ll have coverage across any search behavior you didn’t anticipate when building out your keyword list. By regularly reviewing your search terms report, you can add converting search terms captured by your DSAs as exact match keywords, bringing down your CPC.

DSAs can also provide greater insight into how your landing pages impact a user’s journey to conversion. They allow you to test different landing pages which are closely aligned to the user’s query, which can shorten the path to conversion and increase conversion rates. 

However, DSAs aren’t for everyone – for advertisers who want to retain full control over their messaging, the dynamically-generated nature of the copy may make them an unattractive prospect. Further, as they are targeted based on your website’s content, they are only recommended for advertisers with well-developed, frequently updated sites.

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