E-commerce boom as Retail stores reopen during COVID

E-commerce boom as Retail stores reopen during COVID

22 May 2020 |

Media and Advertising Industry

According to Adobe’s new Digital Economy Index, e-commerce has grown by 49% in April with individual categories seeing higher growth.

  • Individual categories include:

    • Electronic sales up 58%

    • Online grocery sales up 110%

    • Online pick-up in-store orders up 200%

    • Lingerie and Intimates up 38% 

    • Beauty and personal care up 45% 

    • Apparel and accessories up 40%

  • Adobe also discovered that prices remained the same or deflated in two categories: electronic (whose deflationary slide stopped in April) and online grocery (where prices increased).

  • PayPal CEO Dan Schulman says the company was seeing “unprecedented demand” for its products and services.

    • Roughly 250,000 net new active accounts per day

    • In April, 7.4 million net new customers

    • Q2 expectation is 15 million to 20 million net new accounts

    • Revenue growth of 35% for PayPal online checkout in April

  • Google Merchant Center accounts allow retailers to link their PayPal to their organic and paid product listings.

  • Across Australia, retail stores are reopening – giving us hope that normalcy will come faster than we think. However, First Insight surveys say consumers will be cautious.

  • Survey data from First Insight revealed consumers feel least safe in shopping malls and safest in grocery and drug stores.

    • Grocery stores – 54%

    • Drug stores – 50%

    • Big box retailers – 45%

    • Warehouse clubs – 43%

    • Local small businesses – 43%

    • Department stores – 37%

    • Shopping malls – 33%

Although stores are reopening, marketers warned not to mistake initial enthusiasm among shoppers as “returning to normal”. E-commerce will continue to play a much larger role in people’s lives.

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