Eco-Certified Badges

Eco-Certified Badges

27 January 2022 |

Media and Advertising Industry

People are now embracing sustainable tourism as it is gaining more momentum.

Looking at this, Google has introduced a special badge to create and promote sustainable choices for a better future.


What is an eco-certified badge?

An eco-certified badge is a newly-launched feature by Google for hotels that follow environment-friendly and sustainable measures.

This badge allows users to see a hotel’s sustainability credentials while searching for an eco-friendly staycation or accommodation on Google.


Where is the eco-certified badge displayed?

Google will place an eco-certified badge next to hotel listings it has verified are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in Google Search results.


Why is an eco-certified badge important?

Having an eco-certified badge will enable hotels to distinguish themselves from their competitors in the search results, which can be a unique selling point for environmentally conscious travelers.


What other information can hotels include?

Hotel owners can also provide further information on a hotel’s specific sustainability practices by adding eco credentials & attributes via their Business Profile on Google My Business or by contacting Google My Business support.

By clicking “Learn More,” and then navigating to the hotel’s “About” tab, there should be a “Sustainability” tab that describes what sustainable practices the hotel employs and what certifications it has received.

An example of the additional information that hotel listings can provide are:

  • Eco certifications
    • ISO 50001
    • ISO 14001
  • 3rd party certifications
  • Water conservation
    • Towel & linen reuse programs
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Energy efficiency
    • Energy conservation programs
  • Waste reduction
    • Food waste reduction
    • Soap & toiletry donation program
    • No Styrofoam containers
    • No single-use plastic straws


How can hotels apply for this badge?

To qualify for the designation, Google is partnering with organizations like Green Key or EarthCheck to perform these certification processes.

Hotels must contact a globally recognized and reputable agency to conduct an on-site audit of the hotel‘s sustainability practices. To pass the evaluation hotels should meet high standards of sustainability.

The evaluation must focus on environmental impact from at least four categories: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction and sustainable sourcing.


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