Emerging Social Media Trends for 2022

Emerging Social Media Trends for 2022

04 November 2021 |

Social Media

What happened?

Talkwalker and HubSpot have published their latest global Social Media Trends report. The research reveals the top 10 social media trends going into 2022, with a focus on consumer-first media. With two-way communication between consumers and brands more fluid than ever, there has been a notable shift in dynamic, with consumers now paving the way for brands.


What is trending?

The number one trend identified in the report is Tiktok’s inevitable social media domination, leaving other platforms to adapt. With its highly personalised content recommendation system and crowd generated content model, TikTok is well positioned to drive heightened engagement and communication. 

The report also identified the incoming redevelopment of social, in line with the phasing out of cookies. While there are solutions in place for a cookieless future, brands will need to learn how to balance personalisation, consent & compliance.

Trending in third place is the adoption of social based selling simplifying the consumer journey. With brands such as Instagram now allowing consumers to shop directly in platform, the decision making process will become streamlined, with awareness, consideration and conversion now driven in-app. TikTok is jumping on board and in the midst of developing an in-app e-commerce offering, predicted to become an e-com powerhouse.

The remaining 7 trends are largely centralised around the consumer, noting post-pandemic content, brand inclusivity and community engagement.


What does this mean?

The main takeaway from the report’s findings is that consumers will be in charge in 2022. The 2021 social media climate has enabled users to communicate and advocate for their needs. With the pandemic only accelerating The Age of the Consumer, brands will need to look inward to survive. Rather than predicting what your audience wants to see, let them tell you themselves. With increased engagement comes increased opportunities to leverage audience insights and further develop brand strategy.


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