Facebook and Instagram Blue-Tick Updates

Facebook and Instagram Blue-Tick Updates

19 March 2023 |

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram have announced several Blue-Tick updates as well as new features aimed at improving their platforms’ safety and user experience. One of the most significant changes is the new policy regarding account verification, which will now require a fee to obtain a blue tick.

Facebook and Instagram Blue-Tick Verification

According to Marketing Magazine Australia, Facebook and Instagram’s decision to charge for verification is part of their efforts to combat online fraud and mis-information. Previously, users could apply for verification for free, but this led to many users impersonating public figures or celebrities to gain more followers. The verification process was often considered unreliable, and many users lacked trust in the system.

The new verification policy will require users to pay a fee (not yet disclosed) to receive the blue tick. This fee is expected to be around $100, according to Business Insider Australia. Facebook and Instagram will also be more stringent in their verification process, which will help prevent the spread of fake accounts and misinformation.

Besides the verification update, Facebook and Instagram are introducing several new features. Facebook’s new “Neighborhoods” feature will allow users to connect with people who live in their local area, according to The Verge. Meanwhile, Instagram’s “Collab” feature will enable users to collaborate on content with other users, as reported by TechCrunch.

In summary, the changes and updates Facebook and Instagram are making to their platforms aim to improve user experience, combat online fraud, and make their platforms more reliable.

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