Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

08 April 2021 |

Social Media

The Facebook family of apps has a large share of most audience’s attention. Advertisers have the power to reach target audiences in a range of placements, such as Audience Network. This far reaching scope allows ads to engage users when they are in various spaces, and hence mindsets. 

At its core, Audience Network is an extension of advertising reach across the mobile landscape of app interaction. By selecting this placement, you are agreeing to serve ads on third-party mobile applications that have connected to the network. With Audience Network, advertisers are able to use the same targeting, bidding and analysis tools as they would across other Facebook advertisements. While Facebook maintains there is a high level of control over targeting, many advertisers remain apprehensive of the mysterious network of ad space. 

Audience Network is unique to Facebook’s family in that it offers display ad formats that cannot be found on its other social platforms. You can choose from native ads, interstitial, banner or even in stream video. In true mobile app style, you can also select more interactive formats. This includes rewarded videos and playables, which allow the user to sample a game as part of the ad experience. As a result, Audience Network is ideal inventory for those wishing to advertise games or other mobile apps.

The key benefit of Audience Network lies within its reach capabilities, which can aid a campaign in targeting an extended population of mobile users, across unique ad space. The inventory is also less expensive, and on average 32% cheaper than Facebook and Instagram placements. Though, by taking advantage of low cost space, you may be degrading the overall value of messaging, a side effect of greater reach, that advertisers should keep front of mind. Audience network will allow you to maintain a low CPA bid across the entirety of a campaign. However, on average the campaign’s click-through rate will be significantly lower.

Although inventory across Audience Network is not as premium as Facebook and Instagram, it was not designed for that purpose. The platform allows advertisers to reach audiences in different mindsets, across unique and often more interactive formats. By sacrificing a level of transparency and control, you can take advantage of Audience Network’s unique features and cost effectiveness. However, keep in mind that it is best practice to apply a site whitelist or blacklist to ensure brand safety.

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