Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API

15 September 2021 |

Social Media

Apple has recently changed its requirements for apps that collect data and track users across third party websites & apps. The changes are designed to give users more control over what data they share with advertisers and require apps to ask permission to track users with its App Tracking Transparency framework (ATT framework).


This extends to social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, which have responded to Apple’s iOS14.5 changes by launching the Conversions API tool, which gives advertisers a newer and more private way to track advertising data for its campaigns.


Almost all advertisers have the Facebook pixel installed on their website. Traditionally when a user loads your website, the Facebook pixel will fire at the browser level. With every page visited or action taken by a user, the browser sends this information back to Facebook which shows the metrics associated with your activity (e.g. landing page views, leads, sales, add to carts, clicks etc.).


But with the Conversions API tool, when users land on your website, Facebook will instead send a unique ID for that user directly to the website server, which then tracks that user via this ID for any pages visited or actions taken. The server then sends this information back to Facebook which shows what actions a user ID took in Facebook Ads Manager.


For now, both browser & server events will be used by the Facebook so it can compare any server events against the corresponding browser event data. If both events appear, Facebook will deduplicate these numbers and only use the browser event data.


While it can sometimes take time to set up and adjust to new procedures, the Facebook Conversions API is an important tool for advertisers in a post-iOS 14.5 world. With this tool, you can gather detailed & accurate information on how your Facebook activity has performed, optimise your website to provide a better user experience (which in turn increases sales) and all while protecting user identities.


ADMATIC can help you set this up now for your business, so when the full iOS 14.5 changes come into effect, you won’t lose any conversion data.