Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets

08 December 2021 |


Have you ever noticed a competitor’s listing highlighted at the top of the organic search results, complete with a larger font, bold text and even a feature image? Achieving a featured snippet is no accident, and can increase the average CTR for your listing by over 114% (even if you’re already ranking at #1 on page one).

For this reason, the achievement of featured snippets should be an important goal for any comprehensive content optimisation strategy. There are four different types of featured snippets including paragraphs, tables, lists and videos – all of which can be valuable for growing organic traffic to your site over time.

To make your content eligible for featured snippets, the incorporation of schema markup is essential. Schema markup is code that you place on your website, to help the search engines to return more valuable results for users. The easiest way to generate this code is to use the free Merkle Schema Markup Generator

This valuable tool makes schema generation easy, and creates code for five different types of content – Article, Breadcrumb, Event, FAQ Page and How-to. In each of these instances the tool provides fields to complete in relation to the content, and then instantly generates code to be loaded into the corresponding page.

Tools such as this make it easy to mark up content either internally through your Content Management System, or with the assistance of your Web Developer. Once the code has been uploaded into pages that you would like to be eligible, it can be a matter of only days before your content is picked up for a featured snippet in the organic search results.

Tracking your site’s progress with featured snippets is just as easy, with SEO tools such as SEMRush making it possible to view rankings for these over time. The ADMATIC team uses SEMRush to track rankings for both featured snippets and standard organic rankings, with this information being available to clients through monthly SEO reporting.

Interested in creating a featured snippets strategy for your website? Contact ADMATIC today to find out how we can assist with your SEO.