Five Tips to Build a Successful Retargeting Campaign

Five Tips to Build a Successful Retargeting Campaign

06 February 2023 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Here are 5 simple steps you can use to help take your campaigns to the next level, whether you’re just getting started or you are a seasoned pro.

Understand your audience

Retargeting campaigns are a great tool to maintain a connection with consumers that have previously interacted with your brand and/or products. This means that in order to create an effective retargeting campaign you first need to understand your audience. Ensure that your retargeting approach takes into account the various stages of the consumer buying cycle and how your customers engage with your site. For example, if someone just checks out your home page, then it’s best to keep the messaging more generic and highlight your brand’s USP or top-selling products/services. However, if someone has engaged further and viewed specific content, your ads should be geared toward that particular product, service or even blog post.

This customer-based approach is an effective tool providing you know when a customer has converted. Be sure to include tracking pixels on all of your website’s pages. these people out of the retargeting pool you’re being annoying to the customer AND wasting ad dollars on someone who has already purchased your product or service! 

Be Bid Wise 

It might seem obvious, but make sure you are bidding more for consumers that you know are more likely to convert and less for others. You can think about things such as and manually adjusting bids based to take advantage of the low-hanging fruit:

  1. Returning Customers
  2. Frequency or recency of site visits 
  3. Stage of the customer journey 
  4. Number of pages viewed
  5. Products or services looked at

This improves cost efficiency and makes sure you are spending your ad dollars where they matter most.

Create engaging, high-quality creative work

Retargeting ensures that your ads will continue to be seen by your intended demographic, but your ad creatives still need to make a subconscious link between your audience and your business. People that are being retargeted are already familiar with your brand and logo so make sure it is prominent on each of your ad units to ensure your adverts get seen.

Where possible, take advantage of tools such as dynamic creative to deliver relevant and engaging content that is personalised across your unique customer segments.  Make sure your message doesn’t get lost in the noise and stand out by delivering your message to the right consumer at the right time. 

Test, test, test!

For each audience you are targeting, tailor your ads by taking advantage of unique messaging, localisation, and multivariate testing. Testing can help you identify which strategies to scale up and which ones need to be optimised first.

For example, with A/B testing,  you can start with two distinct creative versions and make small tweaks to elements such as the image used in your ad, the call to action, or the first line of copy in your text. This allows you to see what works best for YOUR customer.  Use these optimised iterations and continue to test and learn to make the most of your retargeting campaigns. 

Prevent Ad Fatigue

Ad fatigue exists and can have a real impact on your retargeting campaigns. It occurs when a user actively tunes out an advertisement or group of advertisements after being exposed to them repeatedly. Multiple studies have shown that increased ad frequency has a negative impact on how your brand is resonating with a consumer. 

Setting a frequency cap on your adverts is an important and easy method to avoid this by making sure consumers aren’t seeing the same ads over and over again. A general rule of thumb is to implement an ad frequency limit on your campaigns such as 1-3 per day or 25-30 per month. It also pays to have at least three different versions of the same advertisement – and don’t forget to rotate your adverts to keep things fresh!

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