Get to know 6 Meta Campaign Objectives

Get to know 6 Meta Campaign Objectives

14 November 2022 |

Media and Advertising Industry

We are used to Facebook’s constant updating of its functionality. From 11 objectives, Facebook simplified the advertising objectives to only 6. Selecting the correct campaign objective is one of the first steps but is significantly important as picking up the wrong one can lead to the wrong audiences at the wrong time. This article’s objective is to provide you with a better understanding so you can select the right objective that aligns with your business goals. 

Why change Facebook’s advertising objectives to 6?

  • To avoid advertiser’s confusion when communicating their true goals
  • Meta is moving forward to Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX)
  • To provide more guidance for advertisers during the campaign setup and creation

Has Facebook advertising functionality actually changed?

Facebook has confirmed that nothing changes. You continue to have the functionality you previously had, and no new functionality has been added. This is all about simplifying and making the process less complicated

What are the 6 Facebook advertising objectives now?


  • Previously: Brand awareness, Reach, Video views, Store traffic
  • To create awareness of your business by targeting a large audience who are most likely to remember your ads


  • Previously: Traffic
  • To drive traffic to your selected destinations (for example Facebook, Instagram shop, or website)


  • Previously: Engagement, Video Views, Messages, Conversions
  • To reach people who are likely to interact with your ads (for example: engage with your ad or page, send a message or perform other actions)


  • Previously: Lead generation, Messages, Conversions
  • To collect leads from messages, phone calls or sign-ups

App promotion:

  • Previously: App installs
  • To get more people to install or take any desired actions to your app


  • Previously: Conversions, catalogue sales
  • To reach more people who are interested in purchasing your products or services.

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Now that you have learned that with only 6 campaign objectives, Facebook has got rid of redundant options and made it easier for advertisers to set up and optimise the campaigns. Do you have business plans that you want to discuss with us? We, Admaticians, are experts in digital marketing. We will surely help you identify the best digital strategy to shape your brand better.