Why Instagram Reels matter to your business?

Why Instagram Reels matter to your business?

24 October 2022 |

Media and Advertising Industry

As an important part of Instagram’s business model, Instagram Reels offer amazing opportunities for your brand to reach new audiences. We will dive deeper into why Instagram Reels are worth your consideration.

Instagram Reels – what is it?

Instagram reels are full-screen vertical videos that can be up to 90 seconds long. Reels feature beyond Instagram’s conventional grid post with a wide variety of visual editing tools (filters, captions, stickers, etc) and music effects.

The difference between Instagram Reel and Instagram Story is that Reels don’t disappear after 24 hours. It exists until its creator deletes it. 

Instagram Reels – Enhance Engagement

If you upload a reel to your account, it will be pushed to the Explorer page. The explorer page is where Instagram users are introduced to recommended content. These interested browsers are your potential customers. In other words, with Reel, your account reaches more audiences than ordinary Instagram feeds, hence, increasing your engagement.

Instagram Reels – Create more engaging content

Everyone loves entertaining and fun content and it is also undeniable that we soon get bored with the same images over again on Instagram. It is also learned that short and engaging videos have become trendy and played an important part in social media. 

An Instagram reel is not only a brilliant way to showcase your brand’s creativity. Statistics show that 84% of people were interested in buying a product or service based on the brand’s video. That’s why a Reel is also a great storytelling tool, for example: getting your employees or your customers to talk about your products or industry would win new customers’ hearts and establish their trust. Other ideas would include product highlights or behind the scene of how a product is made, etc. The more you get creative for your videos, the higher interactions you have (likes, comments, or shares).

Instagram Reels – Keep you in line with the trends

Instagram Reels are similar to Tik Tok. As Tik Tok is a successful case of using catchy, fort short videos that collected a lot of attention, Instagram now has its own version of the vertical video to compete – that is Instagram Reels. Now that you have learned Instagram Reels are trendy, you will never want to be left behind by your competitors.

Even since its launch in 2020, Instagram Reels has magically transformed some business presence on the Instagram platform. If you want to add something new to your Instagram strategy, Instagram Reels are worth your marketing efforts. We ADMATICIANS are experts in digital marketing and willing to listen to your brand story to develop a tailored strategy for you.