Google AdWords

Google AdWords

17 July 2020 |


Paid search, commonly known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), provides businesses with the opportunity to advertise their product or service within search engines; most notably Google and Bing. Charged based upon a Cost Per Click (CPC) model, an advertiser only pays if their ad is clicked.

SEM will often be one of the best performing marketing channels as it is intent driven, with users actively searching for your products or services. It also provides companies with the opportunity to generate greater brand awareness, driving higher site traffic and conversions. Advertising across different search engines will maximise your brands market coverage, ensuring that your brand is present throughout the decision and action stages of the customer purchase journey.

Let your business goals drive your budget: Search engines allow advertisers to set their own bids and budgets. Smart campaigns within Google Ads, optimise bids to achieve relative goals; whether it be increasing clicks, driving higher traffic to a website, or substantiating general brand awareness within the market.

Keywords: are categorised into four match types; allowing you to find the balance between volume and efficiency.

  1. Exact Match: Your ad will only serve when a user has searched for the exact word or close variation.
  2. Phrase Match: The phrase entered as a keyword must be evident in a user’s search query, without any additional words in between to be served.
  3. Broad Match Modifier (BMM): A plus sign (+) is inserted in front of relevant keywords. Users will be served an ad in cases where the search query contains all keywords with the plus in front.
  4. Broad Match: keywords serve in cases where Google identifies a search query relevant or synonymous with existing keywords within your account.

Targeting and Location

Google search ads allow you to target specific locations, to ensure your ads reach the right geographic space. This setting allows for a cost effective approach, providing businesses with the ability to refine targeting to specific locations, right down to postcode level.

Paid Search is often a key channel in driving upper-funnel activity and conversions. Get in touch to find out how you can optimise SEM in future campaigns.