Google delays demise of cookies until 2023

Google delays demise of cookies until 2023

01 July 2021 |

Data, Insights, Privacy

Last week, Google announced that it would be delaying the demise of cookies until at least 2023, primarily driven by the need for more time to work with regulators and the industry to develop new tools in its Privacy Sandbox to replace cookies.

Whilst the delay is largely welcomed by the industry, we must continue the momentum in the adoption of more flexible and interoperable solutions when it comes to targeting.  The more brands who are ready, the less disruption there will be. The delay will only prove positive if people really commit to getting fit for what the internet will look like in 2023, post-cookies. With almost 43% of the worldwide population now using ad blockers and 36% of Australians using some form of ad blocking technology, the challenge is front and centre.

As an industry, we must now take this time to begin testing cookie-less strategies. In the short term, the use of more contextually led solutions as well as harnessing and finessing current 1st party data are two of the biggest opportunities with the lowest barriers to entry.

Long term, we must keep pushing forward in the assessment of consented data, AI, measurement and technology upgrades that truly futureproof our brands in a post 2023 world.

To recap, there are opportunities to consider:

  • Focus on technology that enables advertisers to centralize and operationalize their own first-party data can allow for additional and better opportunities for higher quality second-party relationships with either publishers or other brands.
  • Advertisers should also not overlook the various first-party publisher solutions that are already in market, such as Unified ID 2.0 as well as key initiatives from supply side partners.
  • Start the discovery process of upgrading an existing DMP to a CDP (or a CDP-like technology) to unlock AI capabilities that are native to CDP technology.


Regardless of which end of the marketing eco-system you’re on, the future remains the same, albeit a bit further on the horizon. We must remain conscious of these impending changes and continue to develop tools to cope with the demise of cookies. ADMATIC is committed to ensuring our solutions will take advantage of the above, future-proofed opportunities.

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