Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery Ads

26 September 2020 |


Google Discovery Ads are a new campaign type that combines a visually rich, mobile optimised, engaging ad format with the ability to overlay Google audience targeting.

Despite its name, Discovery Ads don’t just appear on the Google’s Discover app. The Discovery campaign can run across YouTube Home Feed, Gmail Social & Promotions Tabs as well as the Google Discover Feed.

Discovery ads can showcase a single image, or multiple images in a swipe-able carousel format. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? You’d be forgiven, this is indeed a very similar experience to Facebook. Advertisers can engage passive browsers with imagery, creative and attract qualified traffic at the top of the funnel.

With Discovery Ads, you can target many of the existing audiences available across the Google network such as with custom intent, affinity and in-market audiences. You can also target remarketing audiences, which is a great way to re-engage your 1PD data through the use of another medium.

One of the biggest benefits to Advertisers is that it can expand a brands reach. It does so utilising Google’s machine learning so that the campaign can better focus on a user’s intent. 48% of users surveyed have discovered their favourite brand while searching for something else, hence discovery ads are designed to show consumers something they want before they have decided they want it. With the use of automated bidding strategies Discovery ads can optimise towards a Target CPA goal, therefore the campaign is not purely to create awareness but can also be set up to drive action.

If you’d like to know more or understand if this product is right for your business, please reach out to an ADMATICian today.