Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max

17 February 2022 |


What are Performance Max Campaigns?

Late last year, Google began the rollout of Performance Max campaigns after extensive beta testing. This new campaign type uses machine learning and automation to simplify how advertisers meet their marketing goals. Google’s introduction of a new campaign type represents another push towards the automation of the Google Ads platform.


What makes it different to other campaign types?

The defining feature of Performance Max campaigns is their ability to serve ads to relevant users wherever they are on Google’s network. Previously, an advertiser looking to reach customers across multiple channels would need to create a separate campaign for each channel. Performance Max simplifies this process by serving ads across multiple channels from a single campaign.


Another key difference is the campaign type’s automation-first approach. Once advertisers have selected a campaign objective and uploaded a collection of assets, Google will automatically generate ads to be served across all channels. Over time, the campaign will use learnings to automatically optimise towards hitting conversion goals as efficiently as possible. 


What does the campaign type mean for your brand? 

While Performance Max campaigns aren’t expected to completely replace other existing campaign types, they will likely play a prominent role in Google’s advertising platform moving forward. They represent a new opportunity for brands to combine their unique marketing goals with Google’s powerful machine learning technology, and potentially show your ad to the right user, in the right place, at the right time.


However, the high degree of automation associated with this campaign type presents potential drawbacks. An all-channel approach may be inappropriate for brands looking to minimise spending or who have an understanding of how their message performs across different channels. Further, Performance Max campaigns remove the control of what ads are presented and where they are shown, which could make it difficult to ensure brand safety. 


Reach out to your ADMATICian to find out whether Performance Max campaigns are right for your brand.