Google Search Ads Design Upgrade

Google Search Ads Design Upgrade

03 November 2022 |


Google has launched a new update to make Google Search more intuitive with a design that emphasizes business names and logos. This feature is in its beta version, which means it is available for a few advertisers and just for mobile Search ads at this stage and will roll out to desktops next year.

Google Search Ads vs Organic Results

As the search results page becomes more visually engaging, it will ensure that people will recognize Google Search ads easier from organic results. 

This will help businesses to be more competitive. For example, when competitors are bidding on your brand terms, users will be able to recognize the brand faster as they will see the logo and business name.

Another update Google is rolling out is the removal of the “ad” level and now your mobile Search ads will use a new tag with the name: “sponsored” that will be positioned in the top-left corner of the ad, this will help distinguish between paid and organic search. 

Business name and logo in mobile Search ads

With this new update, business names will be the top visual element of a search ad. As we mentioned, this has changed only in mobile, so if you are searching on a desktop you will still see the old design. 

Previously, what you would see at the top of a search ad was the landing page URL followed by the ad title text. This hasn’t been removed with this update, this update is just making it more obvious the Business Name to help users to identify the brand easier for searches. 

In addition to Business names, Google will also display business logos to assist searches in another way by making it easier to recognize the business before clicking on the ad. 

How to change my business name and logo in Search Ads?

Google will find your business name and logo from your landing page and automatically add this to your campaign. In case Google can’t include this, it will show your domain and will add a blue globe icon if they can’t display your logo.

The next steps will be to check what Google has added and modify manually in case the information isn’t what you want to be displayed on your search ads. You will find this new feature in your assets with the name “business name” and “business logo”. 

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