Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

10 July 2020 |


For any e-commerce brand, shopping campaigns allow brands to promote their online and local inventory, boost traffic to site and in-store to find better qualified leads. Shopping ads use your existing product data through Google’s Merchant Center. It contains details about the products that you sell – title, brand name, price, availability and many more – to decide how and where to show your ads. You can advertise your shop and your products using 3 types of shopping ads:

  • Product Shopping ads
  • Showcase Shopping ads
  • Local Inventory ads

Where do your ads appear?

  • The shopping tab on Google Search Results Page
  • Google Search Results Page, (separate from text ads) and Google Images
  • Google Search partner websites
  • The Google Display Network, which includes YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover

So what’s new?
Google has announced streamlining the labelling for it’s Shopping ads to say “ad” instead of “sponsored”. In November 2019, Google quietly changed this label across mobile search results and is now bringing that change to desktop.

With the new bolded ad label, searchers will quickly identify where the information is coming from. This update will bring uniformity across Shopping, Search and Hotel ads to offer a clearer experience for users.