Google’s new Business Messaging

Google’s new Business Messaging

03 July 2020 |


Google business messaging allows brands to develop consistent communication with their buying public via the introduction of smart replies, visual product carousels and custom welcome messages; which work towards strengthening engagement and loyalty between brands and their consumers.

Google have recently announced their promising upgrade surrounding their enterprise ‘messaging’ feature within Google Maps and Search engine. Advanced features comprise smart replies, visual product carousels and custom welcome messages; promoting consistent communication and reach among consumers. Google’s expansion of their business messaging features see the introduction of automated replies, which function off third party customer service vendors. This allows businesses to capitalise on the opportunities that surround text message marketing.

Google search and maps play a pivotal role in the customer purchase journey. This calls on brands to develop strong, consistent text relationships with their consumers, in order to increase customer loyalty and engagement with their brand. More than 50% of consumers want to text with their favourite brand, which is demonstrated when comparing the open rates of email marketing (18%) and text messages (90%).

These new features come at no additional cost, providing vendors with the opportunity to boost customer engagement, enhance loyalty and most notably, boost e-commerce sales which stem from Google maps or search queries.

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