JCDecaux launches OPTIX for OOH Measurement

JCDecaux launches OPTIX for OOH Measurement

04 March 2021 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

JCDecaux has announced the launch of a new proprietary tool, JCDecaux OPTIX. OPTIX was created with JCDecaux’s data science team and uses machine learning to review the visual effectiveness of creative and predict performance. The tech is designed to estimate thousands of different potential views of a creative, then predicting average results to gauge impact.

Outdoor campaigns remain among the most challenging advertising activities to effectively measure. However, with continual innovation in the industry, outdoor campaigns are becoming increasingly measurable.

JC Decaux chief marketing officer, Essie Wake explained: “We can give people feedback on predicted visual impact of their creative, which can be fed back to the creative agency. This could be scaled across every campaign we run every day. It is also not just for static campaigns but can help predict visual impact of video content… OPTIX would now complement the company’s data abilities by building a more powerful link between quality media and creative impact.”

OPTIX aims to provide insights to advertisers on what creative elements are driving the most audience engagement and viewer attention within their campaign.

This strategic tool is implemented both pre- and post-campaign. OPTIX enhances the ability of previous campaign learnings to help advertisers understand what they could do differently and continue to predict the results of upcoming campaigns.

In addition to the saliency heatmap reports that can be provided pre-campaign, OPTIX may identify further elements for improvement, such as call to action and branding. This will increase message memorability, recognition, and effectiveness.

Locally, JCDecaux has tested 20 different creatives for Westpac. Wake said it was immediately able to define results based on CTA impact versus branding to understand how different creatives have a role – or don’t – in the mix.

Apart from OPTIX, JC Decaux also launched a suite of other product initiatives, such as targeting, for JCDecaux’s Transit advertisers.

As one of the media channels most impacted by COVID in 2020, the outdoor industry has been forced to adapt and innovate to rebound from this in 2021.

For more information, read their press release.