Know your mobile page speed and why speed is critical

Know your mobile page speed and why speed is critical

12 August 2021 |


Does your site’s mobile page speed provide a good user experience, or are potential customers frequently bouncing due to slow page load times?

Google’s research has found that 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, making mobile page speed optimisation incredibly important.

Not only does mobile page speed impact user experience, but Google also operates on a mobile-first indexing policy. This means that sites which load quickly and efficiently on mobile devices, are ultimately rewarded with higher organic search rankings.

So how do you identify whether your site has a mobile page speed issue? Google provides a great free tool called Page Speed Insights, available to all website owners for testing site speed on the fly.

After entering your primary domain into the Page Speed Insights tool – Google will return both a mobile page speed and desktop page speed score for your homepage, with a grade out of 100.

Scores in the red zone are classed as a ‘fail’, and indicate that your existing page speed is problematic. There is a high possibility that your site is being penalised as a result. Scores in the orange zone are a ‘pass’, while scores in the green zone are ‘excellent’.

So what do you do if you find that your site has scores in the red zone? The Page Speed Insights report provides a range of factors that can be addressed to improve site speed, listed in order of those fixes with the greatest potential to save time.

The most common issues that ADMATIC sees amongst SEO clients, include large image file sizes, excessive unused JavaScript and CSS, and slow server response times.

All of the above issues can be resolved in conjunction with your developer. We have seen significant ongoing improvements in bounce rates, time on site, conversion rates and ecommerce revenue as an outcome of page speed optimisation work.

Need help to address your site’s mobile page speed? Get in touch with ADMATIC today to find out how we can help.