Magnite’s new ‘Unified Decision’ solution for CUTV

Magnite’s new ‘Unified Decision’ solution for CUTV

04 February 2021 |

Display, Video, Audio

Magnite’s new unified decision solution for CUTV, is an algorithm in the programmatic supply chain focused on making smarter decisions. This is a game changer as Magnite is an independent supply side platform (SSP) which means their technology is ad server agnostic. There is no conflicting demand agenda between direct buys and programmatic buys. It can be used by any publisher, agency or brand to access brand-safe, high-quality ad inventory, executing billions of advertising transitions each month. 

CUTV, OTT (over-the-top) and the demand for video content continues to rise amongst the shift from linear TV to digital. Audiences and their time spent viewing continues to grow and so too does the supply, demand and competition for ad inventory in this environment.

As an advertiser you want to ensure your media investment is delivering quality video inventory that reaches your audiences in the most cost effective way. This is exactly why Magnite’s Unified Decision Solution is a game changer in this complex programmatic buying space.

What will it do?

“We’ve designed and built Unified Decisioning to address the barriers between unifying direct sold and programmatic demand with the specific needs of CTV publishers in mind,”  Paige Bilins, Vice President of Video Product Management at Magnite.

Magnite states that it will bring greater control and flexibility in the quality of video inventory by:

  • Allowing programmatic buyers & agencies to have greater insight into available programmatic inventory
  • Regardless of media budget, it provides every advertiser, big or small, the same opportunity to bid for the same inventory

The open beta was launched on 2nd February, 2021 and Australia’s Seven West Media became one of the first global publishers to implement the solution. We anticipate we will see others follow.