MediaMath’s Audience Index Tool

MediaMath’s Audience Index Tool

27 August 2020 |

Data, Insights, Privacy

As digital marketers, we are forever seeking new & innovative methods to better understand our key audiences – MediaMath, the technology-based marketing and demand-side platform (DSP) used by the ADMATIC team, has a great tool for this- Audience Index

The Audience Index report utilises API technology to measure how an advertiser’s site visitors or ad engagers compare to the internet population as a whole. It provides an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the interests & behaviours of key audiences. Strategically incorporating these findings into previous campaigns has seen major benefits for multiple clients of ours.

How does MediaMath’s Audience Index work? 

Ultimately, the Audience Index classifies audience cookies according to 3rd party segments. It then compares these results to see how the broader internet fits those segments.

It takes into account the browsing history and behaviours of those included in advertisers pixels and then uses this data to showcase key interest segments that these audiences relate to.

Important Fields:

  1. Audience Name –  the name of the 3rd party segment that’s being matched

  2. Audience Path – the matched segments are organized into hierarchies of relevance

  3. Audience Index – this field is a relative value that describes the composition of your audience as compared to the internet average using segments provided by 3rd party data companies

Want to know more on how to strategise new audiences? Reach out to the Activations team at ADMATIC for more information.