News placements found to improve ad recall

News placements found to improve ad recall

29 July 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

ThinkNewsBrands conducted a study earlier this year, finding that advertising alongside print and digital news generates 3.5 times greater brand lift than compared to run of the internet advertising. The research was conducted in order to understand the impact of news platforms in the path to conversion by measuring key metrics such as brand recall and brand lift. 


The original study was released in March, becoming the largest piece of research conducted into cross platform and media effectiveness. To achieve such scale, research involved printing different versions of newspapers featuring different ads and distributing multiple versions of newspapers to over 5,000 study participants. 


The study utilised 42 different print runs in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, coordinated with 252 websites which created over 6,000 unique brand exposures. Participants were exposed to a range of ads across multiple brands with brand preferences and sentiment tested both before and after exposure. The study found that print and digital news placements were extremely effective at embedding brands in people’s memory. Ads running in a news environment were found to generate an unprompted recall of 34%, compared to the 4% recall of run of internet ads.


Dr Varan, CEO of the audience company MediaScience, responsible for conducting the study, said the reason for the effectiveness of news is that “when people consume news they are in an active and alert state of mind and this carries over into the advertising in the channel”. 


Research released this month found that print news ad placements of full page, half page and quarter page size all outperformed Facebook ads from a brand recall perspective by 4 times. This research also found that ads delivered in news environments deliver 1.7 times the unprompted ad recall of six seconds YouTube ads and are on par with 15 second ads. “News has the power to increase the propensity to purchase due to the halo created by the engaging, trusted and professionally produced content,” said ThinkNewsBrands’ general manager, Vanessa Lyons.

Every week 19 million Australians read news, whether across print papers or online. Investing in news contextualised advertising is an effective way to reach a larger scale of Australians, and with greater impact. To find out more about news inventory available to your brand, reach out to your ADMATICian.