What a COVID-19 Christmas Looks Like for online Retailers

What a COVID-19 Christmas Looks Like for online Retailers

10 September 2020 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Queues at the shops and crowds rushing to buy gifts are what Christmas shopping is all about. But we all know, this year will be different. This Christmas will not be the same as recent times, but very different in the COVID environment. We take a look at some online retail trends and provide some tips on how to take advantage in shifting e-commerce opportunities.

Online Trend: Digital Gift Giving

– 88% of shoppers plan to continue purchasing their gifts online and sending them to recipients digitally.

Tip: Offer a “send as a gift” option on your checkout come the Christmas season. Also make sure your shipping and delivery information is accurate to manage shoppers’ expectations.

Online Trend: Is it In-stock?

– One of the biggest challenges during the COVID has been product availability. Google reported a 70% increase in searches with the phrase “in-stock”, for both online retailers and local stores.

Tip: Keep your inventory up to date. Use feed uploads to keep online product data fresh and incremental feeds in your local-inventory ads for in-store items.

Online Trend: BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store) Shopper

– According to Google, 47% of shoppers choose this option when buying online. These same shoppers were also 49% more likely to purchase an additional item when picking up their online order.

Tip: A perfect opportunity to upsell. Online retailers should make sure that they keep their physical store updated with the newest products and deals.

Online  Retail Trend: Showrooming

– Physical stores give people confidence to make online purchases. Stores will become showrooms where shoppers can touch and feel products before purchasing it online.

Tip: Invest in your omni-channel. Retailers should ensure that they are agile to meet customers when and where they feel comfortable. Using automated solutions such as Smart Bidding with store visits can help bridge the gap with your online-offline activity.

Shoppers will be thinking and buying this holiday season with a digital-first approach. Ensuring your strategies are aligning with online retail trends will set you up for success!

To stand out this year, retailers need to make sure they offer shoppers convenience, confidence and information they need at every phase of their online journey.

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