Playground XYZ

Playground XYZ

18 March 2021 |

Display, Video, Audio

What is Playground XYZ?

Playground XYZ has captured the attention of media organisations globally, by literally capturing the attention of media users with eye catching and graphic ad executions. This domino effect is at the heart of why Playground XYZ has become a key player in the programmatic landscape. 

Founded in Australia in 2015, Playground XYZ is a programmatic exchange that produces customisable mobile ad formats. Created with the creative glass ceiling in mind, the founders of Playground XYZ took advantage of a gap in the market to expand the mobile ad format offering and increased creativity in the market. 

Playground XYZ’s approach to mobile creative entails these key formats:

Hang Time: A full page canvas ad with longer dwell times and support across display ad video placements. Allows high on screen share of voice with animation and dynamic capabilities such as weather feeds and countdowns. This format is best aligned with site traffic goals with strong CTRs, and supports video 5s -15s across landscape and portrait.

HitchHike: A new ad format in Beta which creates an engaging ad handover. Compared to the traditionally sticky ad placement at the base of content, this in-line placement flows with the user as they scroll. With its prolonged view time, the average time in view sits at a lengthy 19.4sec. Hitchhike is recommended for use on product exploration and education. Ads support animation with the majority skewed to video assets or static images. 

Playground XYZ offers several other formats, including Superskin, Hoverboard, Video DriveBy and Subway. These formats are all designed for high viewability and seamlessly integrated user experience. Some cool features across the board include 3D creative, innovative statics and eye-catching, movement based ads.

Ad news publishers have applauded the innovation of the ad tech company, which has taken large risks in their ad releases over the last 5 years. After launching an ad-format named “border control” in 2016, the company knew they were making a controversial move in mimicking the recently elected president Trump. Claimed to be world-first, the format aimed to protect users from viewing ‘non-desirable’ content.

Some of the latest innovation has been the release of their AI technology in which advertisers can now buy and measure ad campaigns based on attention. This technology measures eye movement and can determine how long the ad was in view. Initial trials measured the effectiveness of attention in comparison to reach and viewability metrics from both a brand and acquisition perspective.

The programmatic exchange has credited their creative strategy by releasing a report to support key driving points. Titled “Attention Time: Redefining How Marketers Measure and Optimise Ads in Real Time.”, the report explores the difference between an ad’s viewability and true attention time. According to reported data, which was verified by independent firm Kantur, attention time is 7.5 times more powerful than viewability in driving awareness.

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