News Corp’s Podcasting Advertising Tips: The Interview You Need To Read

News Corp’s Podcasting Advertising Tips: The Interview You Need To Read

19 June 2023 |

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In this article, ADMATIC Activations Manager, Bec Reid, chats to industry experts from News Corp; Matilda Pearl, Agency Sales Manager and Senior Audio Strategy Manager, Phoebe Bright.  They discuss in detail how marketers can leverage podcasts to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

With their extensive experience in the digital audio advertising space, Matilda and Phoebe have witnessed firsthand the dynamic growth and evolution of this medium. We chat about everything podcasts; diving into the latest trends, success stories, challenges, and strategies for marketers, straight from the front line.

Recent Growth Trends in the Digital Audio Space

BR (Bec Reid, ADMATIC): Matilda, could you share some insights into the growing popularity of podcasts and the impact you have seen this have across the advertising landscape?

MP (Matilda Pearl, News):  Absolutely! Over the past few years, digital audio in Australia has experienced remarkable growth, with consumers increasingly turning to platforms like podcasts and music streaming services for their audio content needs.

Australia now consumes more podcast content per month than any other country in the world. And this in turn, means that it’s a platform that we are seeing more and more advertisers explore.

Almost all advertising categories use the power of Podcasts and engage with the mindset of listeners, although surprisingly, Travel seems to be a category we don’t think is using Podcasts to their full potential! I don’t know about you, but I usually listen to Podcasts at the gym or at work, and would most certainly be at peak engagement to book whatever holiday advertisement is coming through my headphones.

In terms of what we’re seeing in audio advertising, most clients are really stripping back the bells and whistles, and sharing a more authentic ad read out by influential hosts. All they need is a great script and a great host to get their message across!

Something else we are expecting to see a rise in, is sonic branding being used by clients. What’s sonic branding you may ask? Think of that “DUN DUN’ sound when you start Netflix or the sound of plugging your iPhone into charge, these are examples of sonic branding where an advertiser uses a really identifiable sound for their product – when it’s done well, it has an awesome impact.

BR: You mentioned the travel vertical seems to be under-utilising this opportunity, but are there any specific industries or types of advertisers that you have seen hit the proverbial ball out of the park? 

MP: We’ve actually seen great success across all industries, but we see the most success when the advertiser has a meaningful connection to the host and not necessarily the podcast content itself.

For example, when brands only choose the most obvious environments (such as a banking client choosing a finance Podcast to advertise in) we tend to see less successful results.

This is because the podcast’s audiences are so used to hearing the same thing every time they listen to the show, the advertisement can get lost quite easily.

Some of the best results we’ve had (based on the campaigns that have run with podsights) are short campaigns in many different podcasts, with really well-written and authentically read out ads.

Industry limitations and steps forward 

BR: With such enormous growth in the podcast space, what are the main limitations or challenges that you’ve seen advertisers come up against? 

MP: The main barrier is reporting. In fact, according to the IAB Audio state of the nation report 2023 the key barriers are; Lack of measurement, lack of evidence of success, lack of advertiser understanding and cost. That report is actually really fascinating so definitely have a read!

Although we have podsights to track campaign conversion, I think the real barrier for us at News is ensuring that our clients understand this is a limitation across all publishers. And essentially, when you get to the nitty gritty, it’s really not an expensive medium to use, and reporting or evidence is really a barrier for most types of advertising.

BR: Yes, that seems to be a common theme we have been hearing across the board. How are we progressing in terms of measurement in digital audio? You mentioned Podsights before, what’s that look like from a marketer’s perspective?

MP: I know, its a tricky one but it’s certainly something that is on every publisher’s radar. We don’t think there will be any new reporting made available in 2023, but we currently do use Podsights which is great to track conversation! It’s actually super handy for us as publishers, as Podsights is able to identify the Podcast that consistently performs with the highest conversation rates – regardless of the advertiser! This tells us exactly who the most influential Podcast host is to their listeners, and as it stands, it’s True Crime Podcasts that consistently perform the best! (Who doesn’t love a murder mystery to wind down before bed?

Best Practices to Maximise the Impact of your Podcast Campaigns

BR: What recommendations would you give to advertisers to maximise the effectiveness of their digital audio campaigns? 

MP: Firstly, we would suggest allowing the publisher to recommend podcasts based on what they know about their hosts, as we know the ads that are more authentic prove to get the best results. Publishers will know more about the hosts like those that love their pets, what cars they drive, where they love to go on holiday etc.. allowing them to create a better alignment on a more personal and authentic level, and in turn, achieving better results for the client.

Also ensure to always use Podsights to track conversation! It’s free here at News for any booking with $20K of Audio (hehe shameless plug).

And lastly, always consider the listener’s experience and how you could enhance it with sonic branding. The beauty of this is that it can be used across radio too.

BR: Any hot tips or best practice advice for advertisers? Any unique considerations or strategies they should keep in mind?

MP: Great question! Some best practices we’d suggest are:

  1. Leverage many podcasts, for less time.
  2. Keep ads fresh and change them up every 2 weeks (we can do this for free at News)
  3. I know I’ve said it before, but AUTHENTICITY. Utilise hosts who can genuinely get behind your brand, even if the Podcast environment may not seem right.

Think outside the box in terms of Podcast alignment. If you’re utilising the obvious fit (like our bank in finance podcast example previously mentioned), chances are your competitors are too.

BR: Thats fantastic! So, in terms of creative what sorts of things should advertising be thinking about? 

MP: The most effective way of advertising on podcasts that we’ve seen is host reads. The host doesn’t even need to be a huge name celebrity, but we’ve noticed that listeners come back to a Podcast more for the host and their ability to relate to them, as opposed to the content themes. So, utilise this where possible. In terms of big cross-channel activity, we’d suggest using mass creative (like a generic branding ad), this can then be tailored to each Podcast which isn’t an expensive or difficult thing to do (again, free at News!).

BR: What about cross-channel activities that have shown significant success when combined with digital audio campaigns? Could you provide examples or insights into these successful combinations?

MP: Like radio, podcasts play a very important role in hitting your key audience when they’re at their most engaged! The beauty of this is that it’s at your audiences fingertips as to when they listen to the podcast, and your advertisement!

A really great example of this is the cross-channel campaign of Neds, an online horse and sports betting company who was trying to stand out in an already noisy vertical. Neds partnered with Newscast and Nova Entertainment to run a campaign on The Matty Johns Podcast that drove some amazing results.

The business challenge

The betting/wagering space is extremely competitive, with many brands competing for the consumer’s share of time/wallet. Neds was looking for a medium to shift the dial on their brand awareness and salience goals.


For those exposed to the campaign:

  • 63% recalled the campaign (+47% v benchmark)
  • 94% took action (+46% v benchmark)
  • 82% took action online.
  • Almost 9 in 10 would consider using Neds in the future (+96% higher than the control group)
  • Almost 9 in 10 of are likely to download the Neds app/place a bet with neds (+145% higher than the control group)
  • 85% have a favourable opinion of Neds (+98% higher than the control group)

BR: Those are some incredible results! Any final “pearls” of wisdom for anything considering the inclusion of digital audio in a planning strategy? 

MP: This would differ quite a bit depending on the brief, advertiser, objectives etc… but I would say to approach it with an open mind, and try to avoid fitting yourself into an obvious fit or only choosing the most famous host to align with.

Like I mentioned earlier, True Crime has the highest conversion for advertisers! (And that’s not even an environment clients advertise in regularly!)

One last time, AUTHENTICITY. Get your publishers to recommend the most appropriate environments based on the hosts and audiences. Finally, consider the mindset of listeners and how that can benefit from your campaign, for example the commuter mindset is so different to a post-Sunday-Yoga-session mindset, that is again different to an NRL footy fanatic at the gym mindset.


If you’re looking to get into the podcasting space, make sure you follow the following tips:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Trust your publishers suggestions
  3. Keep the listeners mindset and experience at heart

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying up to date with emerging trends is vital for marketers seeking to maximize their impact. As we’ve explored in this article, the rise of digital audio presents a golden opportunity for brands to connect with audiences in new and engaging ways. By understanding recent growth trends, harnessing the power of measurement, and capitalizing on creative strategies, marketers can unlock the full potential of digital audio within their campaigns.

As the digital audio space continues to evolve, it’s crucial for marketers to stay adaptable and innovative. By embracing digital audio and incorporating it strategically into their cross-channel activities, businesses can forge deeper connections with their target audience, build brand loyalty, and drive tangible results.

Remember, success lies in understanding the nuances of the digital audio landscape, leveraging data-driven insights, and collaborating with experienced partners. So, take a leap into the world of Podcasts, and let your brand’s voice be heard amidst the chorus of marketing transformations.

Want to find out more? Contact the team at ADMATIC to help you leverage your next campaign in the podcasting space.