05 June 2020 |

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A podcast is an audio programme, just like Talk Radio, which a listener can subscribe to. It is available to download to listen at any time. Podcasts are a series of audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme. Podcast creation is open to anyone and it is free from Government regulation with no license required to broadcast the content.

The Australian podcast market is rapidly expanding and the majority of Podcasts are housed by 4 key providers: Podcast One, Acast, Whooshka & MamaMia

How do we buy advertising space? 

  1. Extended Radio – Booked directly through radio partners, usually apart of a broader radio buy.

  2. Publishers Direct – Key publishers monetize their content and talent and sell directly. Most common form is through a fixed buys / fess sponsorship that are ‘baked into’ the content & host read ie News.

  3. Podcast Direct – The key podcast providers produce their own content, both globally and locally, usually with well known celebrities or public figures. They too monetize their content and talent and sell directly. They sell sponsorships, run of network buys and bespoke branded podcasts.

  4. Programmatically – Allows us to access podcast inventory by dynamically inserting our ads into podcasts.

The most widely used ads units for podcasts: 

  • Recorded Spots – Typically 15 – 60 Seconds audio ads that are dynamically inserted into podcasts using an audio ad server.

  • Host Read Ads – Ads read by the host of the show or podcast and can vary in length.

  • Branded Content – Co-created and produced standalone podcast series on behalf of a brand.

Podcast host read ads capture rare levels of attention. They also have a much deeper impact & lasting effect. 5 million Australian’s listen to Podcasts each month with 83% of Australian’s now aware of Podcasts. Australia’s most consumed podcast genres are current affairs (36%), comedy (28%) and true crime (25%). Both weekly & monthly Podcast listening statistics are on the rise YOY from 2017-2019 and continuing.