Programmatic Audio

Programmatic Audio

03 March 2022 |

Display, Video, Audio

Programmatic audio automates the ad management, buying and measurement process of ads in audio content. Unlike traditional radio ads, programmatic audio allows advertisers to target specific locations and audiences more definitively, which then allows a brand to create a more personalized, impactful audio campaign.

Somewhat new to the programmatic landscape, digital audio ad buying is becoming more prevalent in Australian businesses media mixes in 2022. Digital audio listenership continues to grow YoY, with 86 percent of Australians now listening to live radio, catch up radio or podcasts each month. This large number of monthly listeners allows advertisers to tap into a highly engaged audience, with a huge amount of reach.


Where does programmatic audio fit into your media mix and how can we measure campaign success?

Although traditionally audio advertising is used for the key upper funnel objectives of increasing brand awareness & brand building, advertisers are now starting to utilise audio in lower funnel activity. Audio advertising can be used to support specific promotions, as well as then drive bottom funnel metrics such as keyword search activity & website traffic and conversions.

According to IAB, the biggest barrier to programmatic audio buying is a lack of measurement, cross channel tracking & standardised metrics. Although this barrier does exist, there are numerous metrics that we can look at to measure campaign success (but not limited to):

  • Reach
  • Completion rate
  • Frequency
  • In-target reach
  • Website visits
  • Brand keyword activity

Platforms & ad formats

In terms of the platforms available to advertisers, we can target users on audio streaming services such as Spotify or Soundcloud, as well as catch up radio platforms such as SCA or ARN.

There are numerous ad formats available to advertisers to, like:

  • 15 and 30 second in stream placements
  • Call to action spots to click on companion banner
  • Dynamic audio creative
  • Voice activated advertising that speak directly to the listener to invite them to respond with a word (Smart speakers, mobile streaming services etc.)
  • Shake me ads – shake phone to complete call to action


If you would like to test digital audio for your brand in an upcoming campaign, reach out to your ADMATICian.