28 October 2021 |

Social Media

Reddit is a social network and content contribution site used by roughly 17 million Australians. ‘Redditors’ contribute to forums, or ‘subreddits’, and then users can either ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ depending on whether they like or dislike the post. Posts then either move up or down Reddit’s rankings depending on votes, where posts with more upvotes get increased visibility and vice versa. Subreddit topics can be either extremely broad, such as ‘movies’, or extremely niche, like the ‘backyard chickens’ thread.

Reddit allows advertisers to reach consumers in a trusted environment, with users coming to reddit to have genuine conversations, be informed about products, and give and listen to brand recommendations. Reddit is a unique platform in hosting a digital space for communities to chat & share ideas. Reddit is also moderated by users who volunteer to manage certain communities or threads.

  • Most of Reddit’s user base is made up of millennials, with 68% of Redditors being aged 18-34
  • 62% of Redditors are Male, while 38% are Female
  • Reddit is made up of over 100K interest-based communities where users dive into the topics most relevant to them.

Audience targeting

Brands can target users based on interest, location, platform, mobile device type, and time of day. The feature that sets this platform apart from others is the ability to target promoted post ads to specific subreddits, which gives advertisers a highly granular approach to interest-based targeting. In terms of brand safety, Reddit is an environment that fuels genuine user discussion which can quickly spiral out of control. Reddit themselves recommend leaving the comments section of all ads turned off, to avoid any negative backlash or trolling. If used mindfully, Reddit can reach extremely niche and highly engaged contextual environments, which can help boost brand awareness, recall and consideration.

Ad formats

Category Takeover: Promoted post and banner featured at the top of a category for 24 hours

Front Page Takeover: Own a user’s Reddit front page for 24 hours, when overlaid with community or interest targeting, this can become partially contextual

Display ad: This is your traditional online display ad, like a banner or rich media ad


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