Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

16 June 2022 |


Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs) is a Google feature enabling customizable campaigns based on targeting users who have previously visited your website. These are users who have already shown interest in your website, meaning they have high-value intent and are more likely to convert the more times they return to site.


RLSAs are a great way to make the most out of your budget. Every time someone clicks on your ad, they already have a pre-established interest in your website and existing knowledge of your brand or offer. These ads act as reminders and are designed to motivate users to come back, revisit and become a conversion.


RLSA audiences can be created through the application of a remarketing tag to your website. Tags work through the implementation of code snippets onto the website, which can measure events such as page views on site. Multiple tags can be applied to different parts of your website making it possible to target audiences in different stages of their purchasing journey.


The main benefit of remarketing lists is you have already gathered an abundance of information on your targeted audience. This collected information can be leveraged by tailoring your ad copy to the specific interests and needs that the users have shown, based on the pages they have visited. Moreover, increased bid adjustments can be applied to these audiences with higher purchasing intent, allowing you to be more competitive with higher-value prospects. 


This increased personalization will inevitably produce higher engagement with an increased CTR, better conversion rates, and eventually the opportunity for a healthier ROI.


However, your Remarketing List must be made up of at least 1,000 members to be employed within a campaign. This means that you must consider how many days it takes to receive 1,000 unique website visits on your site and set your remarketing list duration accordingly. Membership duration is capped at 540 days, meaning there must be traffic of at least 1,000 visitors within this timeframe.


Reach out to your SEM specialised ADMATICian for more information on leveraging RLSAs across your paid search activity.