Search Automation with Google Ads

Search Automation with Google Ads

19 March 2023 |


Google Ads Search Automation is changing rapidly with advancements in AI and machine learning. It’s increasingly our responsibility as experts to identify what machines and humans can do best. We need to get out of the way when we need to and let machine learning do its job. But we also need to use human intelligence and experience to steer AI by putting the appropriate structure and guard rails in place to maximise results.

Search automation and humans can work in tandem.

The improved broad match, responsive search ads and smart bidding are becoming increasingly powerful. Broad match utilises unique and powerful signals to deliver better results. Responsive search ads offer greater flexibility in ad creation to tailor different ads to the searcher and their intent, while smart bidding analyses many more data points and adjusts bids in real time for each auction. 

Human intelligence is crucial to optimise these advancements. Structuring campaigns and theming ad groups is a vital starting point for success. Feeding the correct data into Google Ads is critical, from first-party data to creating micro-conversion audiences to aid the algorithm. Then ensuring a thorough conversion measurement strategy (including valuing conversions correctly and uploading offline conversions) increases the algorithm’s ability to identify success and maximise results.

A balance between human expertise and automation

Achieving maximum advantage in Google Ads involves striking the right balance between relying on AI and utilising human expertise. Boston Consulting Group found that human adjustments can boost campaign performance by an average of 15%, in addition to the 20% improvement driven by technology. However, this is just the average. With a deeper understanding of the platform and its AI advancements, and more extensive experience in Google Ads, this presents an even more fantastic opportunity for maximising results and a competitive advantage.

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