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Digital Marketing Agency

Programmatic display, video, native, and audio

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We are specialists in all known digital platforms and in all digital media. Our people are 100% in-house specialists in Programmatic platforms, Social marketing, Paid and Organic Search, and we’re in every known digital buying channel available in market.

For over a decade ADMATIC has been planning and activating targeted, effective and highly optimised digital campaigns. Whether online media is activated directly through partnerships or through Programmatic DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), our teams work with the most effective media and AdTech partners.

Being fiercely independent means we are technology agnostic. This enables our campaigns to operate across a variety of DSPs, social and search platforms, often running head to head tests to ensure best performances are achieved for each campaign. We plan and optimise towards real brand and/or performance metrics and business outcomes.

Programmatic display, video, native, and audio

We see programmatic not as a channel but as a method of buying any digital media inventory. With the scope of buying programmatically now covering many channels from display to audio to dOOH to video, we embrace programmatic across our entire channel mix where possible. With the nature of programmatic being so flexible in spend and in optimisations, the majority of our channel mix on any given client media plan is often bought programmatically.

Our experience running programmatic campaigns is extensive operating a number of platforms such as Google’s DV360, MediaMath, The Trade Desk and Verizon. We strongly believe in testing and adopting a range of platforms for a range of different purposes and opportunities. Each platform has its own proprietary algorithms and behaviours, and data options for audience segmentation can vary substantially, so it is important to be across many.

Full funnel media campaigns can benefit greatly from heavy investment in programmatic channels. We’ll often deploy digital components of campaigns almost entirely through programmatic buying opportunities. For example we may drive awareness at the top of a funnel by deploying programmatic dOOH in strategic key locations around lower penetration areas to steal market share for a brand, and deploy programmatic audio to support an ATL Radio component of the media plan. We may then also run BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand) through key Catch up TV stations to support awareness, then as we move further down a performance funnel we’ll deploy display prospecting strategies and display re-marketing on local mastheads to drive performance at the bottom of a funnel.

Social media

At ADMATIC we are strong believers and embracers of adopting new media opportunities and new technologies. When it comes to Social media our approach is no different. Still today many brands consider Social media to mean investing in Facebook for consumers or LinkedIn for education or business applications. Using audience research data we see an ever expanding Social map of consumers across the demo spectrum, investing engagement time and eyeballs in a more diverse set of Social platforms.

ADMATIC clients are successfully investing campaign budgets that are delivering attractive returns in Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, WeChat, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Reddit, to name a few. Each of these platforms are activated programmatically on a self serve basis and are highly targetable to identifiable audiences. In many successful client cases investments in these Social channels now exceed that investment in the more ‘traditional’ Social platforms.


We believe that SEM (Paid Search) and SEO (Organic Search) are inextricably linked when considering your search engine marketing strategies. Unfortunately though many brands invest heavily in the paid version and are far less invested in organic or sometimes not invested at all. This is somewhat understandable as marketers and their finance teams driving the budgets expect immediate, direct and tangible returns in black and white; something that can be achieved in paid search and less so in organic.

To not consider a complete search strategy can be destructive to the overall performance of digital campaigns. Consider this, when a brand hosts their site with multiple broken links and poor rankings, they will pay more for paid keywords. Consider a consumer that clicks on a paid search campaign promoting an offer that lands on a web page with little content or incorrect information on the offer. There are many multiple examples that we see time and again where brands are not invested in a complete search strategy but a PPC strategy (one that focuses on paying for expensive clicks).

At ADMATIC we are the experts in Paid Search and Organic Search Marketing.

Our approach to SEM comprises of four key pillars where we establish a strong base, we focus on audience strategies, we adopt smart targeting practices, and we excel in campaign management adopting a part automated and part human lens to setups and optimisations.

At the very heart of our SEO thinking we seek to understand the customer journey, and so customer intent and interactions with your brand are our key focus . Our Technical SEO manages your title tags, meta tags, images and links. We use industry leading tools to manage site performance and we manage off-page and link building opportunities. We also place significant importance on content driven SEO. Our content strategies deeply consider a brands website purpose, whether it be for branding or performance, and we deliver content to match those intended mapped customer journeys.


Target Audiences, Journeys and Channel Planning

Today’s consumer must be understood. Finding audiences has become complex and nuanced in an era of ever diverse media consumption patterns.

Our initial research and data analytics philosophy focuses on the customer without bias toward any platforms or communications channels. We will always focus on your potential customer, understand their behaviours, journeys and intent, in order to then develop that mapping of media consumption.

Media Planning and Media Buying

We are a full-service Media Agency with media planning and media buying specialists dedicated across all channels. We use combinations of media expenditure analyses from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings, to guide allocations of appropriate budgets.

We’re able to plan and book all your traditional media needs across TV, radio, print, and OOH, as well as activate in all digital channels. We work with every publisher and every platform.

Digital Marketing

We are the original digital natives! Our people are the experts in online brand and performance marketing, with experience spanning two decades in digital.

Our activations and performance specialists are 100% in-house and at your fingertips. Our clients have access to social media experts, experts in paid and organic search, and access to experts in programmatic marketing covering all display, video, native, audio and dooh options. We cover every known digital platform and every channel, and we’re known for being leading innovators in online data and technology.

Performance Marketing, SEM, SEO

Our Performance team establishes goal driven campaign strategies by understanding the media funnel through detailed measurement and attribution modelling, delivering the most efficient media ultimately leading to high performance lead and sale volumes.

At the very tip of the funnel our highly skilled Paid Search and SEO teams deliver best in class Search campaigns, fully maximising value from Search Engine Marketing.

Real Time Reporting, Insights, Marketing Intelligence

Insights and information that leads to knowledge starts with data. Capturing, measuring and recording the right data is paramount to understanding your known and potential customers, and is key to understanding media investments strategies along with future activations strategies.

ADMATIC Adopts 3rd party adserving technology to record and measure consumer data, and with our data analysts we help brands better understand their customers, their media consumption journeys, and their digital footprints. Reporting of this information is provided through dedicated real-time reporting dashboards designed with bespoke representations of your insights.