Marketing Reporting & Marketing Insights

Marketing Reporting & Marketing Insights

Tracking and measurement

Data analytics and attribution modelling

Real-time reporting and data visualisation

ADMATIC places great importance on the effective measurement, tracking, attribution modelling, and reporting, of brand and performance campaigns. Media strategies, activations, and optimisations of campaigns are pointless unless marketers have a clear picture of their consumer intentions, their behaviours, and their interactions with your brand assets.

We utilise best-of-breed industry measurement tools and platforms to help guide our analysis of customer interactions with media, and we report clear metrics and insights to inform future campaign strategies.

All ADMATIC clients benefit from live real-time reporting and data visualisation, of campaign analytics and insights. Our dashboards provide informative and insightful data, well above and beyond simply displaying tables of numbers.

Tracking and measurement

ADMATIC places great importance in the effective tracking of our campaigns. A tracking tag is much more than a piece of code. A tag is relied upon for performance and for the effective campaign governance and insight. Accuracy of where and what data is collected is paramount during implementation.

The correct setup of measurement aligned to a brand’s bespoke business goals will provide a single source of truth. This is key to measuring, observing and analysing results, that in-turn provide meaningful and actionable insights. Optimisations are pointless if we’re not pulling the right levers or collecting the best data available. All of our team members are Google Tag Manager certified, as well as being trained in Google Analytics to the highest standard of power users.

When it comes to tag management we follow key rules of adoption including purpose, tag hygiene, naming conventions, PII Data compliance, continuous site audits and ownership.

Data analytics and attribution modelling

We ensure all elements of our clients’ campaigns are incorporated into our measurement ecosystem to provide a complete story toward attribution, whether it be against a brand campaign or a full funnel performance campaign. We seek to fully understand phases and stages of campaigns and their impact on our holistic marketing efforts. We strive to de-duplicate reach and conversion attribution to channels, placement and creative, delivering one true user journey.

We deliver this via a centralised attribution model that incorporates the full ecosystem. The model allows us to demonstrate the value of channels that do not traditionally lead to direct conversions. We deliver on a centralised attribution model through keys tools and platforms, such as, though not limited to, the following:

Critically 3rd party adserving tools act as our source of truth for dissecting the impact of each stage of the marketing funnel. A 3rd party tracking tool informs our decisions of where to place marketing budgets based on the objective at hand rather than just last click attribution alone. Using a full funnel attribution model allows us to see on a first interaction basis, how consumers interact, where we observe signals and triggers, and we observe how customers first discover our client brands.

We also use attribution modelling in making budget distribution more effective. For example, attribution modelling allows us to determine effective frequency per channel through insights it provides in its conversion path data. For example, attribution modelling and smart tracking for a retail client revealed to us that it took an average of 5 days for a user to visit their website after first exposure of a broadcast video on demand (BVOD) advert. Not only did this suggest that BVOD positively influenced brand recall in the consumer journey but it also guided us to the effective frequency we needed to serve a user each week before they took an action. Our planning informed us that if we did not expect the user to act within 5 days then would would not necessarily need to drive more than 4-5 ad exposures per week, before the user progressed in the user journey, therefore serving BVOD media ads more cost effectively.

Real-time reporting and data visualisation

All ADMATIC clients benefit from live real-time reporting visualisation, insights and analytics dashboards for each campaign. Our reporting platform is able to display information in useful and insightful ways, above and beyond simply displaying tables of data.

Our ADMATIC dashboards are:

  • Clear and visual
  • Focus on story-telling
  • Include data on Creative performances as well as Media
  • Allow for internal and external data integrations
  • User friendly and reliable
  • Convenient and sharable

ADMATIC dashboards are also Mobile friendly so clients can check reports anywhere and anytime, in real-time. Reports can also be set to scheduled delivery with links via email, they can be downloaded into Powerpoint presentations, and they can be downloaded as raw CSV files for further investigation and analysis.


Target Audiences, Journeys and Channel Planning

Today’s consumer must be understood. Finding audiences has become complex and nuanced in an era of ever diverse media consumption patterns.

Our initial research and data analytics philosophy focuses on the customer without bias toward any platforms or communications channels. We will always focus on your potential customer, understand their behaviours, journeys and intent, in order to then develop that mapping of media consumption.

Media Planning and Media Buying

We are a full-service Media Agency with media planning and media buying specialists dedicated across all channels. We use combinations of media expenditure analyses from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings, to guide allocations of appropriate budgets.

We’re able to plan and book all your traditional media needs across TV, radio, print, and OOH, as well as activate in all digital channels. We work with every publisher and every platform.

Digital Marketing

We are the original digital natives! Our people are the experts in online brand and performance marketing, with experience spanning two decades in digital.

Our activations and performance specialists are 100% in-house and at your fingertips. Our clients have access to social media experts, experts in paid and organic search, and access to experts in programmatic marketing covering all display, video, native, audio and dooh options. We cover every known digital platform and every channel, and we’re known for being leading innovators in online data and technology.

Performance Marketing, SEM, SEO

Our Performance team establishes goal driven campaign strategies by understanding the media funnel through detailed measurement and attribution modelling, delivering the most efficient media ultimately leading to high performance lead and sale volumes.

At the very tip of the funnel our highly skilled Paid Search and SEO teams deliver best in class Search campaigns, fully maximising value from Search Engine Marketing.

Real Time Reporting, Insights, Marketing Intelligence

Insights and information that leads to knowledge starts with data. Capturing, measuring and recording the right data is paramount to understanding your known and potential customers, and is key to understanding media investments strategies along with future activations strategies.

ADMATIC Adopts 3rd party adserving technology to record and measure consumer data, and with our data analysts we help brands better understand their customers, their media consumption journeys, and their digital footprints. Reporting of this information is provided through dedicated real-time reporting dashboards designed with bespoke representations of your insights.