Customer Journey Agency

Customer Journey Agency

Targeting Audiences

Journey Mapping

Media Consumption and Channel Planning

We are passionate about understanding your customer. A substantial amount of our efforts go into understanding your customers, their consumption journeys, and we explore where they go and what they do whilst consuming media.

In order to better understand your customers ADMATIC research planning specialists are able to conduct studies looking into your customer, audience profiles and insights, sector and industry trends and analysis, media consumption habits, key media selections, competitive reports and insights, customer journey mapping, and consuming paths to purchase.

We firmly believe that the pursuit of understanding your customer should never end. We therefore build for our clients a continuous cycle of learnings and insights, integrating our audience data and activating platforms into client DMPs (Data  Management Platforms) and client CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), facilitating that continuous loop of customer knowledge.

Targeting Audiences

Our team is passionate about developing audience and customer centric insights using leading industry tools such as ‘Roy Morgan Asteroid’, to develop a comprehensive position on behavioural and attitudinal analysis. We also research and seek to understand media footprints by using leading industry media research platforms such as ‘Nielsen’ and ‘HitWise’.

By combining the attitudinal and behavioural profiles we are able to incorporate trends from leading sector reports, that in turn inform and shape our custom audience profiles. Ultimately our audience segmentation work and analysis is used to inform, shape and reflect the nature and behaviour of our client’s audience(s).

Journey Mapping

Mapping the customer journey(s) of a brand should be told as a simple story of how a customer interacts with a brand. At ADMATIC we help brands investigate and decipher those journeys using a multitude of tools tracking brand media placements, brand assets such as their website, tracking their social platforms, and integrating data from CRMs. We develop a clear picture of consumer touch points, triggers, behavioural patterns, and intention patterns.

A customer journey may be linear or it may have a multitude of paths, or for a performance based client it may be a focus down the funnel. We help brands understand their customer interactions at the awareness, consideration, intention and acquisition stages.

As we map out the opportunities in media we start to form a picture for our clients of developed personas and their related media journeys, guiding and informing them of media activation strategies.

Media Consumption and Channel Planning

Our channel planning and media allocation research is developed using a combination of competitive media expenditure analysis from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan and HitWise campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings. Using profiled audiences and internal research tools we are able to identify and index media consumption patterns.

It is our experience that experience often outweighs research, particularly when it comes to channel selection. Here at ADMATIC we have the advantage of drawing upon an enormous array of historical data and experience to guide us through the channel selection process.

We’ve achieved excellence in channel planning experience through our proven investment methodology, the 10/20/70 investment rule (10% testing new media opportunities, 20% re-investing in successful tests, and 70% invested in media that we know works). By constantly testing we are evolving the media opportunities for our clients to achieve maximum investment efficiencies.


Target Audiences, Journeys and Channel Planning

Today’s consumer must be understood. Finding audiences has become complex and nuanced in an era of ever diverse media consumption patterns.

Our initial research and data analytics philosophy focuses on the customer without bias toward any platforms or communications channels. We will always focus on your potential customer, understand their behaviours, journeys and intent, in order to then develop that mapping of media consumption.

Media Planning and Media Buying

We are a full-service Media Agency with media planning and media buying specialists dedicated across all channels. We use combinations of media expenditure analyses from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings, to guide allocations of appropriate budgets.

We’re able to plan and book all your traditional media needs across TV, radio, print, and OOH, as well as activate in all digital channels. We work with every publisher and every platform.

Digital Marketing

We are the original digital natives! Our people are the experts in online brand and performance marketing, with experience spanning two decades in digital.

Our activations and performance specialists are 100% in-house and at your fingertips. Our clients have access to social media experts, experts in paid and organic search, and access to experts in programmatic marketing covering all display, video, native, audio and dooh options. We cover every known digital platform and every channel, and we’re known for being leading innovators in online data and technology.

Performance Marketing, SEM, SEO

Our Performance team establishes goal driven campaign strategies by understanding the media funnel through detailed measurement and attribution modelling, delivering the most efficient media ultimately leading to high performance lead and sale volumes.

At the very tip of the funnel our highly skilled Paid Search and SEO teams deliver best in class Search campaigns, fully maximising value from Search Engine Marketing.

Real Time Reporting, Insights, Marketing Intelligence

Insights and information that leads to knowledge starts with data. Capturing, measuring and recording the right data is paramount to understanding your known and potential customers, and is key to understanding media investments strategies along with future activations strategies.

ADMATIC Adopts 3rd party adserving technology to record and measure consumer data, and with our data analysts we help brands better understand their customers, their media consumption journeys, and their digital footprints. Reporting of this information is provided through dedicated real-time reporting dashboards designed with bespoke representations of your insights.