Shoppable Social Media

Shoppable Social Media

25 November 2021 |

Social Media

What is happening?

Social media platforms are rapidly releasing in-app shopping features, allowing users to complete their transaction without ever leaving the app. From the Facebook Marketplace launch in 2007 to Instagram shop in 2019, a new wave of platforms are now beginning to adapt to the shoppable social model. One of the key players in the market is TikTok, which have since launched their very own in-app shopping experience for users. 

This week, linking platform Linktree has joined the party, partnering with Shopify to offer a streamlined shopping experience for their users. LinkTree has gained popularity since the skyrocketing success of TikTok, with influencers & micro influencers using the platform to direct their followers to their other socials, or promoted pages.


What does this mean?

While social media platforms have traditionally shifted their e-commerce focus towards advertising, social selling is now bringing the transaction directly to the consumer. With the consumer journey now simplified to once unified space, brands will have to adapt to the changing expectations of consumers. The longer the journey to convert is, the less likely the user is to take the desired action. 

So what does a platform like LinkTree adopting shoppable media mean? Doesn’t it seem counterproductive to add an in-platform experience to a site designed to redirect traffic? The answer lies with the user, and their growing hunger for accessibility and shortcuts. Influencers and brands are able to integrate all of their landing pages into one cohesive space, which can now host the storefront transactional environment.While this may be bad news for brands with extended consumer journeys that expect their user to reach an obscure landing page, this will be particularly advantageous to small businesses that rely on social media operations & promotions.


What can brands do?

With social selling expected to boom further in 2022, brands are encouraged to continue adapting to the fast-paced nature of the digital sphere.

  • Maintain the users attention: take advantage of your platform and ads to attract the user, keep content engaging and eye catching
  • Be personable: make the experience as relevant to the individual user as possible
  • Simplify your user experience: don’t drag your through a long-winded spiral of landing pages. Streamline your consumers journey for them
  • Leverage emerging opportunities: whether it is user generated content, live streaming or in-game content, find a unique way to catch your target audience off guard

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