Spotify Wrapped & the Shift to Personalised Audio

Spotify Wrapped & the Shift to Personalised Audio

08 December 2021 |

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It’s that time of the year again, everyone posting to their Instagram stories to brag about who and what they were listening to during 2021! Whether you were crying to Adeles’ “31”, being inspired by Kanye’s “Donda” or rocking out to Taylor Swift (Taylor’s version, of course), Spotify provides users with a unique insight into their listening habits each year.

Originally billed as “Year in Music”, Spotify Wrapped is one of the unique selling points for music streaming platforms every year. With such personal experiences, it’s no wonder Spotify currently holds 172 million of the digital listeners worldwide. 

Being such a data driven platform, Spotify has released its findings:

  • Audiences have turned out in droves to get away from screens, with over 79% of people agreeing that they have turned to digital audio as a tool to combat screen fatigue. 
  • The increase of users aged 15-44 jumped by 14% from 2020.
  • Playlists made by Spotify themselves saw a huge jump in listeners with; “Viral Hits” growing 111% while “release radar” & “discovery weekly” grew by 34% each.

What this means for brands:

Sound is a critical way in which consumers unite with each other. Now more than ever before, listeners stay in touch with friends and family by sharing the content they love – all on the Spotify platform. Advertisers considering reaching their target audiences across the platform can leverage the audience and demographic targeting capabilities available via Spotify Ads Studio.

With listeners spending more time than ever on Spotify, audio discovery is at an all-time high. Listeners are eager to experience new sounds, voices, and brands — and they’re sharing these discoveries with their friends and social networks. Reach audiences who are already in the discovery mindset by sponsoring personalised playlists such as Release Radar or Discover Weekly, which celebrate finding fresh music.


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