Taboola Native

Taboola Native

05 May 2022 |

Display, Video, Audio

Taboola is a native display advertising platform, which brands and advertisers can leverage to access premium native ad space to reach users in organic feeling environments, with messaging assimilated into the experience of the platform.


What is native advertising, exactly?


Native, by nature, aims to create ads and messaging that align with the page content, design or behaviour of users that frequent the targeted ad space or context. All users have bumped into native ad space before, whether they knew it or not, within placements such as promoted search results or sponsored social media posts. 


Consumers, and particularly those within younger demographics such as Gen Z, are becoming more resistant and hostile towards traditional forms of advertising (and even traditional digital. Yes, you heard that right). Native’s benefit to advertisers lies in its unique edge of providing scalable reach and influence, without the disruption of formats as standard display or high impact programmatic – which users can identify as a paid ad and immediately register disinterest towards.


People spend 25% of their time online on the open web, whether shopping, searching or browsing purely for leisure. Taboola’s selling point is to reach the vast reach of users in the right place in their journey, with the right messaging. Taboola is the world’s largest Native platform, with over 500 million daily active users and over 9000 published partners. Inventory can be accessed and leveraged across a range of well known Australian names such as 7 News, HuffPost, Better Homes and Gardens, New Idea, the list goes on…


Taboola can simplify native buying for advertisers by ensuring the inventory sold is verified and brand safe. Put simply, buying ad space with Taboola means your ads are guaranteed to be brand safe, safe from ad fraud and highly viewable. The platform also offers a range of data targeting capabilities, from 1st party CRM integrations to 3rd party marketplace and contextual data.


Thinking native might be the next move for your brand? Reach out to your ADMATICian to walk you through the process of getting started with Taboola. Our dedicated experts are eager to discuss how to integrate non-disruptive ad formats into your next branding or campaign specific strategy.