Teads’ new attention measurement program

Teads’ new attention measurement program

14 July 2022 |

Display, Video, Audio

What is Teads attention based measurement?

Global media platform & native advertising provider Teads is launching their new attention based measurement product, with beta testing now available via the Teads Ad Manager platform. Teads, which has a global scale of publishers & CTV providers, are positioning themselves as a thought leader in the attention metric space, with the new offering advancing the capabilities of media buyers to plan and optimise campaigns to reduce media spend wastage.

Teads partners with Adelaide and Realeyes

Teads has partnered with measurement companies Adelaide and Realeyes, with facial recognition software now being used to measure ad engagement down to the creative level. The partnership, utilising media quality metrics from Adelaide, will make it possible for brands to now pre-test creative by screen type prior to the launch of their campaign.

Teads attention measurement for all

Teads has measured over 2,000 creatives, with facial coding software accessing attention data points to assess the value of creative to the user. With this integrated ad tech available on a self-serve platform, this opens many windows of opportunity for smaller scale media buyers and brands to be able to efficiently test and optimise towards attention, ultimately measuring the effectiveness of brand & campaign level messaging.

Attention is proven to be three times more effective at predicting outcomes when compared to viewability metrics. With omnichannel approaches to media buying now the norm, brands are looking to leverage their fluid budget investment across a range of screens, with the hope to both cross screen measure, and effectively capture attentive user behaviours.

Additionally, Teads has partnered with Lumen to offer further reporting functionality within the Teads Ad Manager platform. The partnership marks the first time a third party attention company has integrated with a technology platform to enable brands to robustly report on attention level data. In conjunction with Teads’ existing in-house brand lift solution, Brand Pulse, Teads will lead the way in the Australian market for benchmarking ad attention levels across campaigns & industries. Teads Attention Program, currently in beta, will be officially released later in 2022.

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