• Sarah

    Managing Partner ANZ

  • Jerome

    Activations Director

  • Bri

    Performance Director

  • Rod

    Managing Director - New Zealand

  • Michael

    Founder & CEO

  • Emma

    Activations Specialist

  • Bec

    Activations Manager

  • Tatiana

    Performance Specialist

  • Zane

    Performance Coordinator

  • Talib

    Account Manager

  • Annie

    SEO Manager

  • Anne

    Performance Specialist

  • Sherlyn

    Digital Media Coordinator

  • Ghaniya

    Activations Coordinator

  • Anh

    Activations Specialist

  • Nick

    Performance Coordinator


The why behind what we do

Led by the ADMATIC Culture Club, all our people regularly contribute and therefore live by our stated values.

You are innovative

we regard our people as being curious, inquisitive, challengers, original and inventive.

Celebrate the person you are

having respect and regard for yourself is just as important as recognising others. Our people know that they are great in who they are, and they should not be left wanting of self belief.

Simply care and take initiative

we are passionate about what we do, and that we respect those around us and the work they do.

Take comfort in honesty

we build trust and we believe in each other. Without mental barriers there are no barriers to how we can work with each other whilst encompassed with respect.

Leadership is more than just a job title

understanding that every one of us has an important part to play in creating a productive, value adding, happy and fulfilling workplace.